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Holiday Chakra Companion Essences: Muladhara™ & Anahata™

Holiday Companion Essences
Featuring Muladhara™ (Root Chakra) Essence and Anahata™ (Heart Chakra) Essence

During the Christmas season, many people gather with their families, whether this be a huge extended family or simply a group of friends, a spouse, a pet, a child, or… simply oneself or a special place one goes that feels like home. Muladhara Chakra pertains to one’s experience of family, one’s connection to the Earth itself, and one’s experience of abundance. If imbalanced, one may experience high levels of fear or anxiety, and may also experience fatigue and imbalance in their relationships. When the Muladhara Chakra is balanced, it is much easier for one to stay calm and positive, and to stay grounded within oneself and yet remain healthily connected with others at the same time. With all the running around this time of year, staying grounded can be a challenge. Shanti Kai’s Muladhara Chakra Essence™ is loaded with powerful flower and gemstone vibrations as well as powerful precious metals designed in synergy to help keep your Root Chakra in a balanced and healthy state.

Holidays are often thought of as a happy time, the Christmas Spirit is contagious and can set moods soaring. At the same time, for many the Holidays can bring up sadness, depression, memories, and even heart conditions. It is no wonder why so many beings experience heart conditions during this time of year. Shanti Kai’s Anahata Essence™ is loaded with a number of healing flowers and gemstones which help open and balance the subtle energy centers of the heart center, creating an opening for a higher experience of love. Key gemstones increase feelings of happiness and bliss, and may assist one in countering depression. Gold raises the energy of this master chakra, as the heart chakra supplies blood and circulation, without which none of the other chakras could exist.

Used together, Muladhara Essence™ and Anahata Chakra Essence™ make the perfect pairing this Holiday Season!

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