I am so thankful that I was introduced to these essence from shanti kai

I am so thankful that I was introduced to these essence from shanti kai, they have helped me and continue to help me. I first had a session with Jayme, what an amazing thing it was, brought a lot of clarification to things I have thought about and things I was in lost for.

My first spray I got was
*EMPOWER, it helped me to clear negative energy that was coming to me from family issues. It helped to ease things up and somethings started to change.

*CLEAR MY SPACE, helped to clear various areas with tension at work. I also used it on my bf when I massaged his shoulder, I believe it helped me to work out his tensions. Another funny time was when we had a rat problem, you could smell the dead rat but couldn’t find where it was. I told my bf to spray “clear my space” in the area we were smelling it, he said that wouldn’t he that smell. Me being me, I sprayed it then next day I asked him can u still smell anything from the rat… lol no smell.

*REMOVING OBSTACLES, I use it and say a small prayer Asking for whatever help u need to remove. Ex: like burdens, negative thoughts feelings, tensions.

*HEALER WITHIN: I have been using it to help me to release and heal deep suppressed hurt and anger from past things.

*GUARDIAN ANGEL, there was an issue I faced with a job that accusations were pointing my way that could ruin my career. I used this to protect me from those who wrongfully doing this and for the truth to come out. The truth did come out and I was cleared. With this I call upon my guardian angels and ask for their protection.

*TRANSFORMATION, to help transform situations to better and positive state, to uplift it.

I am so grateful for the help I have received and that I can spray on others around me to help them also, thank u thank u thank u shanti kai essences.


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