“I attended the group session on the family plan”

I attend the group session on the family plan, which meant I signed up myself, husband, 2 children, and 2 cats, who have autoimmune disease, are extremely low energy, and one of which even requires steroid injections twice a week. Even with the injections he is still very lethargic, always tired overwhelmed by having to make any movement at all. After the remote group session, even though the energy was divided between 6 of us, when I went home the cats were flying around and playing, much more active than normal. After the session Jayme checked in with me and mentioned she felt strong healing energy going to my cats but she admitted feeling funny saying that as she thought I had healthy cats who I had just put in the healing to take advantage of the family plan. She was unsure why my cat was so prominently taking so much energy work but nonetheless told me this so I would know what she saw. Only after did I even tell her my cat is sick and requires steroids, but was vibrant and playful and running around, totally unexpected after the treatment.

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)

Lori Wilke

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