“I enjoyed Jayme’s remote healing session.”

I enjoyed Jayme’s remote healing session. I am feeling the effects of the healing session and it has been over a week. Before the healing session, I have been worrying and feeling fearful of so many unknowns at my work, now that I am teaching and working virtually. My mind was filled with endless thoughts of “what ifs.” I went into the remote healing session with the intention of getting past these fears and just being more open to the moment.

After the session, instead of feeling lost in my thoughts, I decided to make tangible moves to benefit my thinking and being. I have been feeling the need to organize my home and clear out clutter that I didn’t even know accumulated in files and bins. It felt symbolic of me clearing out the old. This physical clearing of my space was inspired by the remote healing of my energy and aura. My mind started to think differently about my situation, less critical and anxious, more open to problem solving, creative resolutions and spontaneous flow. I’ve been feeling very creative and new, like different aspects of myself are changing. It’s hard to articulate but I’m noticing it’s effects and thought I’d share. I feel different, like something new is forming, hidden talents emerging, and a grounding and trust in my own intelligence and insight.

Thank you so much for offering these sessions. They are a beautiful offering.

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)

Christina S.

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