“I am so, so grateful to Jayme.”

I first worked with Jayme in 2010 as she came at the highest recommendation of a very close friend who had struggled with some of the same issues as I do (anxiety, existential crises, relationship issues and the like, haha). At the time, I was in a major emotional crisis with regards to a relationship I was in which had me on my knees in anxiety-land. A host of other issues related to past anxiety struggles but unrelated to the relationship were overwhelming me. I was a tangled mess of fear. I desperately needed clarity and help. I have worked with a counselor I just adore on and off for years, and I had recently sought out a renowned hypnotherapist in the Boston area. The hypnosis wasn’t a total success, but he was incredibly insightful and uncovered some issues I never realized I had. Unfortunately, neither my beloved counselor or the hypnotherapist (both wonderful therapists) were ever really able to help me actually deal with these issues.

Jayme had such incredible insight and was able to clarify things for me within the first few minutes of the session that no one else had ever been able to help with. I got off the phone with her and said to myself, “Woah.”

She is extensively trained in so many different healing modalities so I didn’t request any particular method – I let her do her thing, and she did. I think she used quite a combination of techniques with me. She has also been beyond kind, generous and flexible.

As deeply as I believe in spiritual and energy healing, I do have a hard time trusting what I can’t rationalize in my mind. Because of my trust issues, it helped in the beginning to know that Jayme has a background in biochemistry from Harvard University. We still do work that I have not been able to rationalize in my mind, and that’s not always easy for me, but I really trust her. How can I not? Her work speaks for itself. She is the only person who has ever really been able to help me. I can’t argue with that.

I have definitely experienced energetic shifts as a result of the work I’ve done with her. Even when I was afraid I wouldn’t feel anything, there were times when it was so tangible I couldn’t deny it. And healing aside, even just talking with her has still been a million times more insightful than any other counselor I’ve seen, ever.

I have to mention one last thing. I had a traumatic experience at age 18 (I am now 31) that is the root cause of the anxiety I’ve struggled with ever since. For a few years afterward I was pretty crippled with anxiety. I’ve worked on this for years with CBT etc., and amazingly I’ve overcome a lot. These days, I’m more or less completely fine, but sometimes it still pops up, and I’ve had several really rough patches with it through the years as I mentioned. For years, therapists have been trying to get me to “reframe” the original scene. It didn’t work. I’ve worked with Jayme on the various layers of this issue, and in a recent session, something amazing happened – the scene spontaneously shifted, or reframed itself. It was a huge shift for me. I mean, hands down, the breakthrough I’ve been looking for for 13 years. I could hardly believe I was able to see a different outcome and see myself as being okay. I’m still amazed. It doesn’t mean that the trauma has been erased by any means, but that I can finally see myself as not having been destroyed by it – that I’m really okay, I’m still me.

I’ll say it again – no one else has ever really been able to help me. I am so, so grateful to Jayme.


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