“I am still floating from the experience.”

I recently participated in Jayme’s Remote Essence Group healing and I am still floating from the experience. I have been feeling tremendous anxiety and I didn’t realize it because it was so pervasive and I was just used to it. The essences have cleared a lot of my worries and anxieties and even pain in my back, neck and jaw. I notice that I am feeling more grounded, clear and centered. The remote session has had healing effects that can be felt immediately but also days later, when things start to shift in unexpected ways. A usual stressor at work was handled with ease and creativity. Conversations with friends and family were more open and fluid. I made healthier choices without too much effort. The remote healing session has also helped me integrate many essences that I have been using already and “see” them in a new light. I have also learned that distance is not an issue. The healing is in the moment, in the now, wherever you are present and relaxed.

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)


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