"Healing deeper levels of my anxiety" - Shanti Kai™


“Healing deeper levels of my anxiety”

I was referred to Jayme for a phone appointment because I was experiencing high stress in my work & marriage. I had chronic nervous habits like biting my nail & pulling my hair so much so that my nails were bitten all the way down past the cuticle. I was always embarrassed about my hands but couldn’t seem to stop. After just two sessions I was able to stop biting my nails for first time in 36 years! I didn’t really notice at first that I wasn’t having the urge to do this but then suddenly one day two weeks or so after the last session it occurred to me it had totally stopped… & never returned since. I don’t understand how Jayme managed to break my 36 year habit of nail biting with sessions over the phone- I still can’t believe it- I’m so grateful I met Jayme & am continuing to work with her for healing deeper levels of my stress & anxiety.


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