Weekly What’s Up? Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences Healer Within™ and ImmunEase™ for Stress Defense

With the holidays and cold and flu season upon us, now is a great time to step up your “stress defense” with Shanti Kai™ Companion Essences Healer Within™ and ImmunEase™. Healer Within™ is our ultimate “stress blend”, and was developed in response to a throbbing head injury but was later found to help with all kinds of stress related energies, including trauma; it’s a yin aligned, soothing essence that works to stimulate inner healing on an energetic level.  This is one of our “must have” Essence best sellers – as everyone faces some kind of stress, if only the rudimentary day to day kind.  What’s more, many of our clients and customers have adopted the drops to their nighttime sleep routines and even found them beneficial (and purrfectly safe) to use on pets. Our Immunease™ Essence is similarly designed to defend against stress and promote vitality on an energetic level.  Differentiating it from Healer Within™️ is it’s fiery formula that in synergy works to strengthen your energy’s intuitive intelligence system, raising your awareness of parasitic energies and strengthening your auric shield against outside “stressors”.  In fact, you could think of ImmunEase™️ as the “Yang” to the  “Yin” in Healer Within™️.  ImmunEase™️ is also a great proactive essence to work with several weeks before travel and in COVID times, before gatherings and other communal occasions – (this DOES NOT take the place of mask wearing or other safety hygienic practices recommended by government and health officials). As it helps teach you to innately recognize parasitic energies, ImmunEase™️ may also benefit you if your energy becomes drained or fatigued after being around certain people, or feel that others are constantly using you or taking from you…. or in fact if you are actually being or have recently been stolen from or robbed, hacked or otherwise invaded (as this may indicate parasitic or even vampire type energy hanging around your auric field).  It may also benefit you if you are attracted to unhealthy romantic partners who would drain or take from you. 

Use these essences together, either as drops or sprays, alternating between the two as needed throughout the day to boost your stress defense.  You can also add the drops simultaneously to your purified water, and sip throughout the day.  Alternatively you may try using  Healer Within™️ drops at night, before bed, as its soothing yin energies help to ease agitation and promote inner calm so needed for rest. If you’re working with the spray, shake well and spray over areas where you somatically imbibe your stress – forehead, neck, temples, base of skull, along spine, shoulders, feet, and abdomen area are all excellent suggestions. In the morning, do the same with ImmunEase™️, spraying over similar areas and/or taking orally as you prepare to face the day. Use throughout the day as needed, either in water (you can mix both together in sale bottle) or by taking drops under tongue as needed. For acute stress response, you might try taking every 15-20 minutes until symptoms have subsided or inner calm is achieved* (and always consult with your doctor if you are concerned about a health matter).  You may also spray one after another throughout the day as needed, but shake well to activate.  Healing practitioners may find using Healer Within™️ on themselves before treating others – and their patients or clients during treatment – and ImmunEase™️ in between client/patient sessions can be beneficial.

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