ImmunEase™ for Boosting Energies of Immunity at Night

ImmunEase Essence

Shanti Kai™ ImmunEase™ and Sleep

ImmunEase™ is our premier Essence for Immune System Intelligence. Your body has an innate intuitive intelligence system that knows how to keep you safe and protected. When you sleep, your cells go to work building up your cellular machinery, increasing the powers of your immune system and encouraging your mind-body-spirit trilogy to stay strong and harmonized. This is why fluctuations in sleep time, including from travel or stress, can wreak such havoc on your body’s natural immunity.

Maximizing Your Rest for the Best Stress Offense

Sleeping during the day, such as after staying out late at night partying, and/or working night shifts (though sometimes unavoidable) – can contribute to health problems or issues. Working at night can throw off your body’s melatonin (sleep hormone) production, which studies show can also lead to depression.

Easy on the Napping!

Naps over 30 to 45 minutes or taken too close to bedtime should be avoided. Not only can they interfere with the quality of your rest and result in headache and sluggishness – but they can also disrupt your body’s adenosine production. Adenosine contributes to what is scientifically called your “sleep drive”. Your circadian rhythms, when balanced, help counter the effect of adenosine, boosting your ability to stay awake. However, the desire to take a cat nap (late in the afternoon) can have the unwanted effect of clearing away needed adenosine and other important neurotransmitters (needed for sleep). This can actually be a contributing factor to insomnia.

Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

Insomnia, like any sleep deficiency issue, leaves you stressed and tired. It means your body must reallocate its own resources and energy that would normally go to cellular level repairs (i.e. to fuel basic functions) while you sleep, to become necessarily redirected. This means your immune system doesn’t get pumped up like it would when you are well rested.

Lack of rest can also lead to the decreased production of key, protective cytokines that bolster your immune system during times of stress, and contribute to a faster recovery when sick. This is why your body can require more rest when under stress, including when traveling – or when you have a medical condition (or other health predisposition) – to consider. Put simply, the more you attune yourself to nature’s rhythms the better off you’ll be. This will also enhance digestive and detoxification processes.

Shanti Kai™ ImmunEase™ and Stress Defense

ImmunEase™ is formulated to bolster your body’s vibrational stress defense and to bolster your body’s energetic offense. At Shanti Kai™, we view optimal health as a multi-tiered symphony. For the body to function at its best, there must be harmony amongst all levels. Diet, sleep, and lifestyle are all important contributors, but often ignored is the energetic component – which occurs upstream of your physical body’s stress defense.

How to Work With Shanti Kai™ ImmunEase™

For Your Daily Routine:

We recommend using ImmunEase™ as part of your daily routine, first thing in the morning and within a few hours before you retire.

For Boosting Your Energies of Immunity at Night:

Spray throughout your aura, over your lymph nodes, and other key areas, including around your bed, shortly before retiring – but no more than 3 before hours for best effects. Set the intention to awaken stronger and more full of vitality. You may even pair this with a visualization, seeing your body becoming whole and nourished.

For Travel and/or Other Anticipated Stress:

If you know you will be traveling, under stress, exposed to cold or flu, or around large groups of people, you may wish to begin using ImmunEase™ 2x a day up to three weeks in advance- beyond applying as part of your nightly routine, or increasing up to 2-5 times a day, if already working with it (note: you can dowse or muscle test to determine your best routine).

Shanti Kai™ ImmunEase™ Drops vs. Spray

Although not necessary, best results may be seen when using both drops – at least once daily – in addition to working with the spray. Although both are sufficient, vibrationally, to transfer the blend’s frequencies, sometimes one method over the other can be superior for certain individuals (or pets) during a given time. If you know how to muscle, kinesiology test, or dowse, however, and/or you have another way to check, we recommend doing that first – over our suggestions.

ImmunEase™ and Pets

You can use also work with ImmunEase™ for your pets. See our notes on dropper application under our pet blog section and/or FAQ or spray throughout their auric field.

Note of Caution

ImmunEase™ Essence Spray contains Clove Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil, which can cause skin irritation, so skin testing for the first time is advised. Caution is also advised when applying over eyes, as well as pet’s sensitive areas. Drops do not contain essential oils.

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