ImmunEase™ for Boosting Energies of Immunity at Night

ImmunEase Essence

When you sleep, your cells go to work building up your cellular machinery, increasing the powers of your immune system and encouraging your mind- body-spirit trilogy to stay strong and harmonized.

Shanti Kai™ ImmunEase™

ImmunEase™ is formulated  to enhance your innate ability to defend against energies that underlie stress as well as to bolster your body’s overall  vitality and well being.  At Shanti Kaiwe believe for your body to function at its best you need ample rest. Diet, sleep, and lifestyle are all important contributors, but maintaining your body’s energy field is equally important! 

How to Work With Shanti Kai™ ImmunEase™

For Your Daily Routine

We recommend using ImmunEase as part of your daily routine, first thing in the morning and within a few hours before you retire.

For Boosting Energies of Immunity at Night

Spray throughout your aura, over your lymph nodes, and other key areas, including around your bed shortly before retiring – but no more than 3 hours before for best effects. Set the intention to awaken stronger and more full of vitality.  You may even pair this with a visualization, seeing your body becoming strengthened and replenished.  

For Travel and/or Other Anticipated Stress

If you know you will be traveling, under stress, exposed to cold or flu, or around large groups of people, you may wish to begin using ImmunEase 2x a day up to three weeks in advance.

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