Indigo Flowers Original Oil Painting

Indigo Flowers Oil Painting by Jayme Jensen

Indigo Flowers original oil painting by Jayme Jensen of Shanti Kai™

For those that are interested, here’s a little story that ties this original oil painting by Jayme Jensen to one of our Essences, Indigo Light™.

Years before Jayme started making flower essences, she was meditating one day and saw this deep indigo color flooding her vision with what looked like bright white iridescent flowers falling in a soft, swirling spiraling motion from the sky. A few months after this, when she was working on a painting, she started to channel this vision on canvas – without even realizing that’s what she was doing. A couple years later when working on the Indigo Light™ Essence Blend for the Shanti Kai™ Color Line, as she was testing the new formula she kept having this same vision of vivid iridescent white flowers coming to her from this space of pure, deep indigo. In fact, during blind testing phases (which is done on pure essence with no essential oil or fragrance – so there’s no clear way to identify the product other than one’s response to it), she was able to tell when it was the Indigo Light™ blend because this same vision of Indigo and vivid flowers would return only when she was using this spray. And so if there’s such a thing as a vision in a bottle this would be it … And that’s a little story behind this blend.

Read more about Indigo Light™.

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