Introducing NEW 2020 Gold™ for Year of the Metal Rat

2020 Gold for Year of the Metal Rat

Happy Lunar New Year! (Gung hay fat choy!) We are soooo excited to finally introduce you to our latest and greatest: 2020 Gold™ ~ our Master Essence for the Year of the Metal Rat! ???

According to the ancient system of Chinese Astrology, The Year of the Metal Rat holds great potential for helping you to align with energies of achievement and success, as well as intelligence and perseverance – all qualities that can help you in working towards your goals. 2020 Gold™ Master Essence helps aligns you with the energy of your upper chakras to connect you with higher levels of thinking and creativity. While simply entering a new lunar year doesn’t just rain down these gifts and virtues upon you, it does mean that new energy and potential is available to you, and our new 2020 Gold™ Essence is designed to help you access it!

Gold is the Shanti Kai™ “metal essence of choice” for capitalizing on the energy of this new year, and a key component in our newest blend. Gold is historically considered the Master Essence of the Heart*, and this essence is designed to align you with qualities that can help you work towards your goals, as well as encourages moving from the heart rather than the mind, which can be a challenge for the mentally acute rat.

2020 Gold™ is a multidimensional blend that also features a synergy of Hawaiian flowers, high frequency orchids, minerals (and more), that may bring the added benefits of easing feelings of lower emotional states (e.g. frustration and disappointment), and enhancing your connection with your higher-self, so you keep moving towards your dreams. Orchid Essences act on the higher mind, and upper, more altruistic chakras. Combined with the intellectual penchant of the rat, this is a year in which society can harmoniously move forward together if they allow their goals to relate to the greater good of all mankind.

On the downside, Rats tend to have no shortage of wisdom and wit to offer those around them, the Year of the Metal Rat can have the effect of inspiring the “know it all” aspect of the shadow self, or perhaps more gently said, can inspire everyone to see themselves as counselor. This Essence can help bring balance to that, as well as keep you grounded and in your power, so that you are not easily thrown off track by advice or commentary of others.

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