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All About Love Essence Kit
What’s Up With Our All About Love Kit?

You can’t buy love, but you can buy our All About Love Kit… and if that’s not enough to draw in a new beau, it’ll fit sure get you off to the right start! And if you’re already in a relationship, but things aren’t quite working out, you might want to check this out before you cut that off! Sometimes all you need is a little more love , and we’ve got that in spades – or bottles rather as it so happens to be!

That’s because, in any relationship, especially a romantic one and/or close partnerships, the compatibility of values that each partner holds sacred can determine the overall happiness, success, and longevity of that pairing. According to the Vedas, ancient yogic philosophy, there are at least seven categories of relationships – based on the seven chakras – that can achieve a different types of harmony and compatibility in a partnership. And while our Chakra Line can be used by both partners to balance and align their chakras, promoting greater overall balance and harmony, our All About Love Kit was designed to harmonize the whole of the relationship, with the main focus being on the Heart Chakra.

Our Anahata™: Heart Chakra Essence, featured in this Kit, hails from the Chakra Line and has a special focus on balancing and opening the heart center, bringing it into alignment within your overall chakra center. It may be especially beneficial for easing trust issues and promoting healing from past heartache, as well as promoting energies of unconditional love, joy and harmony.

Our Attract™ Essence is one of our all time bestsellers for a reason! Used as part of this Kit, it works to harmonize the heart and lower chakras, helping you draw in energies of love, abundance and partnership. And… Did you know? The energy field of the heart chakra is at least 20,0000 times stronger than the mind …so getting your vibrations aligned when you want to attract something to you, is always a great place to start!

Our Harmony™ Master Blend can be used to promote internal harmony – balancing the triage of mind-body-spirit, but it can also be used to promote overall relationship harmony. Used in our All About Love Kit, it can help bring your existing relationship into greater balance, as well as support you in drawing in a new, more harmonious one.

Goddess Power™ also acts on all 7 chakras; in particular it helps activate the seed vibrations in each chakra; It is infused with flowers and gemstones that relate to the indwelling goddess in each of the main energy centers. The goddess energy, or divine feminine, is after all archetypically central to any male:female relationship.

Jasmine: Love™ increases frequencies of unconditional love. Made from seed vibrations found in nature, it works to clear the heart chakra of negativity, opening you up to a greater experience of altruistic unconditional love.

And last but certainly not least, comes our Venus™ Master Blend, our bestselling Essence for all things Love and Romance. Used within our All About Love Kit, it works to invoke the Venetian qualities of passion, creativity, beauty and grace.

You can read more about Venus™ and other Venus™ Companion Essence Blends, at our blog “Working With Venus Companion Essences”.

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