January 2023 Cosmic Shifts and Essences That Can Help

Removing Obstacles, Venus and Prosperity Essences

Big Shifts in January Are Finally Here

Until April 22 2023, Jupiter is hemmed in between two malefics – Saturn in Aquarius (per the Vedic system), and Rahu in Aries, creating a formation known as Paap Kartari Yoga. Paap Kartari Yoga tends to hinder a planet – so that that planet cannot do what it wants – express itself to its fullest. To do something to its fullest, you need well integrated lessons from the past, a positive mindset, and a vision for the future. What happens when Jupiter is hemmed in here, is that Jupiter, planet of luck, hope and inspiration has Saturn – planet of discipline and restriction, in the 12th house from it, and Rahu – the shadow planet of desire and illusion in the 2nd house. The 12th house represents the past – losses and lessons, and the second house represents gains. Thus the combined effect on Jupiter can be a sense of loss, regret, and distress over what has already taken place – a feeling of discontent that you have not gotten what you want, while at the same time, an illusory expectation of the future – perhaps even a bloated sense of hope or unrealistic vision. It can create a scenario where you want more than you actually need – whilst at the same time prolonging a sense of regret and discontent about where you have been. In short, it brings a situation which can affect your mind, creating unrealistic expectations moving forward.

If you practice yoga on a mental level – the level of the mind, then you know that there is one cause for all disappointment in life – expectation. While the popular law of attraction teaches goals and vision, there is a fine line between the positive benefits of having such, and the entanglement of desire, expectation, and disappointment. This is because, ultimately, no matter how much you might want to be, you are ultimately not in complete control of your destiny. There are certain aspects that simply are beyond – up to a higher power, predestined, fated… however you might think of it. On the other hand, there is a danger in thinking too much this way too, for there is much that you can control and change – and so much that you can improve. The issue with desire is that it leads to expectation, which inevitably leads to disappointment… for no matter what you may achieve, gain or enjoy, it will never truly be enough. Eventually that desire, even when satiated, no longer satisfies you, and that leads to the quest for something more – it is an endless uphill craving that breeds discontent no matter how much you have. If you think of the course of your life, you can most likely track this tendency.

This particular yoga that is currently forming, Paap Kartari, also warrants a caution; while it is indeed important to be optimistic, and fortunately Jupiter is getting ready to move into Aries – a sign it favors (which can only help), it is also important to check your mind. It is the mind that has the power to make you happy or unhappy with your current lot. Should you find yourself in a negative spiral, discontented with what you have, or downtrodden about what you don’t have, it may simply be that your mind needs a shift. Fortunately, your intellect has the power to check your mind, to bring you into a place of mental reason, of rational thought, so that you can overpower any such negative emotion and feelings that may be surfacing.


Essences for January and Beyond

We are thus recommending Prosperity™ and Removing Obstacles™ from our Cosmic Frequencies Line, to work with the energies of this shift. When you feel emotional heaviness, or when you’re facing challenges, or just plain stressful situations, you might find it’s easier to spiral inward, focusing on the mess, than it is to look up and focus on the bright light up ahead. Then again, as you try to imagine the bright light ahead, under the current aspects, you don’t want to imagine that it’s too bright, such as to set yourself up for disappointment. Only when you truly accept things as they are, can the future pleasantly surprise you. Ever notice how the moment you finally stopped worrying about something (or someone) or let something go, that that is when it actually started working out, or that a situation finally came around. Removing Obstacles™ offers a great, in the moment resource for moving through challenges and inner blocks, helping you to clear at the source of the problem or condition, while Prosperity™ can help you tap into the more expansive energies at hand, whilst still being in – and accepting of – the moment.

Here’s a little insight too – used in the morning, Removing Obstacles™ can help quell anger and negative emotion, while Prosperity™, especially when used before sitting in the sun – if only for a few minutes, and, especially morning sun, can help recharge and strengthen energies of the intellect, bringing a necessary check to any illusions (or sense of delusion) the mind might have.

Also of note, is that Venus moreover moved into Aquarius on January 22nd where it is joining Saturn. Venus is the planet of beauty and romance while Saturn as mentioned above, represents discipline, but also maturity. Venus with Saturn in Aquarius, requires you to work hard, to stop procrastinating, but also, to know your limitations – saying no when you know you are truly beyond capacity. It also requires that you love what you are doing, lest it can create distortions in your perspective, leading to problems with health, relationships, creative passions and well being. When these energies are appropriately harmonized, Venus here has a way of calming down the restrictive energies of Saturn while Saturn helps Venus stay practical and grounded, That is why this transit, if worked with appropriately, can bring positive, creative vision for the future – helping you pave a path forward – and, unlike Jupiter in Paap Kartari yoga, an achievable vision for the future. We are thus recommending that you also work with our Venus™ Master Blend during this time. Venus Master brings a sense of lightness and harmony, while involving creativity, helping you find the beauty in things as they are, so that you can tap into that energy on an even deeper level, and use it to propel you forward.

And, not to make it even more complex, but with the Moon having just joined Saturn in Aquarius on the 22nd, you may especially find yourself thinking back to the past – and thus, this mental check, and the need to reinforce your mind and reason with the strength of the intellect is even more important than ever. We are thus also recommending our Ma-Hina™, Healer Within™ and Release It™ Essences for helping you self nurture and heal, as well as process anything lingering from the past.

Finally, we also have Mercury in its shadow phase – check out our latest blog here – and Mars having just reversed its retrograde as well. For this, we are recommending our MercurEase™ and Mars™ Essences, for balancing the planetary energies accordingly. Mars is a planet of passion and war- when benefic it helps you fight, defends you, and strengthens you. But when malefic, it can wreak havoc, bringing energies of conflict, illness, and frustration. And… having just turned forward in the Venus ruled sign of Taurus, Mars has been creating financial distress among so many, as well as, depending on how it is positioned in your chart, bringing a sense of going backward in life – or perhaps, causing you to revisit old wounds, things that are hidden, to experience problems with health, and/or conflict in your relationships. Our Mars™ Master Blend is formulated to act as a sort of tonic towards these types of energies, invoking the flame of passion when it has burned out, whilst calming the fire when it’s raging. It can also help you find the necessary patience to get through the next two months, as Mars regains its momentum and finally moves out of Taurus – and into Gemini.

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