Knowing Your Higher Purpose With Amethyst Light™ Essence

Amethyst Light Essence for Higher Purpose
Amethyst Light™ & Spiritual Transformation

Discover the Power of Purple with our Amethyst Light™ Master Essence from our Color Line. Shanti Kai™ Amethyst Light™ was formulated to help you connect to your higher purpose, supporting you in spiritual transformation, and ultimately, growth. While “spiritual transformation“ may be en vogue, the truth of it is that there’s nothing glamorous about becoming enlightened – as no doubt those of you who have gone through experiences forcing you to grow and evolve must already know. When you go through hardship, it can be easy to forget that you have a unique, important reason for being here. Connecting with your Divine purpose can bring infinite meaning, comfort, grace and wisdom to your daily life.


Amethyst Light™ and Fulfilling Your Destiny

Amethyst Light™ was formulated with a key synergy of high frequency Amethysts, other gemstones, and flowers designed to inspire feelings of joy and contentment; to help you feel and know that you have a higher calling in life – a Divine Purpose for why you are here. If you’re overcome with a sense of not fulfilling your destiny or of needing to find your dharma – through your work and/or career, and/or if you simply need to feel that there is meaning to your life, Shanti Kai™ Amethyst Light™ might just be the thing you need! Use it whenever you need an added sense of direction, or when you need to feel assurance that you’re on your right path.


Amethyst Light™, the Color Purple, and Archangel Zadkiel

Working with Amethyst Light™ can help you to feel that you’re truly the creator of YOUR destiny, and that you have the grace of the heavens supporting you on your way! It is a wonderful tool if you’re in need of spiritual healing, or if you’re a therapist, health practitioner, teacher, energy healer, clergyman, parent … or anyone guiding another, to help you in steering their path. It resonates at the frequency of the color purple, the color of royalty, self-worth, wisdom and transformation, and vibrates in attunement with Archangel Zadkiel, the archangel of forgiveness and love. Similarly, this masterful Essence can help you find the wisdom and forgiveness you need to move forward to find your highest path.


Amethyst Light™ and Peaceful Slumber

Amethyst Light™ also works energetically to improve the quality of your sleep by helping you stay spiritually connected AND protected. In helping you find forgiveness, a good practice before sleep, it invokes inner peace and higher wisdom you need for tranquil slumber. It moreover has a balancing and stimulating effect on your Crown Chakra, the home of the gland responsible for regulating your circadian rhythms (and ultimately sleep cycles).


Amethyst Light™ and Finding Your Dharma

Amethyst Light™ has a balancing effect on your Crown Chakra and can also be especially helpful if you’re struggling with monkey mind; that is, countless thoughts constantly rummaging through your mind, and/or bringing up conflicted feelings and emotions. Maybe you’ve been thinking about making a career change, but still feel unclear about the best path to take, or feel trapped and stuck, like there is nothing left to live for. Amethyst Light™ Essence can help you align with the Divine, so that you can recognize the good you can do no matter where you are.

When you truly understand your dharma in life, it matters not what you do. You can be scrubbing toilets in the filthiest prison on the planet, but if you know your purpose is to carry the light [in darkness], then you can be anchored in a state of bliss with waves of ecstasy washing over you on the inside, even as you appear on the outside in this way. And the truth is, that every single person that walks in that bathroom will be affected by the light that you carry, and you can have an enormous impact on every soul you come in contact with, simply by holding the light wherever you are.

Amethyst Light™ was formulated to help you see what your dharma really is, whatever you are doing in this world, just as you are – whether you feel fulfilled or not. For instance, if you style hair professionally, you may be masterful with hair, but on another level, you’re aiding the transformation, and helping to elevate the self worth of everyone who sits in your chair. Likewise, a waiter may feel he or she is just earning tips, shuttling tables, but on a higher level they are nurturing everyone they serve by bringing them food and catering to their needs. Whether you scrub toilets in a prison bathroom or work in an otherwise challenging environment, if you know your purpose is to shine the Light in these places, profound change is possible.


How to Work with Amethyst Light™ for Healing and Meditation

Amethyst Light™ is a Master Healer, and an excellent elixir to add to any holistic first aid kit or “healer’s toolbox”. Try spraying Amethyst Light™ on the crown of your head, along your spine and throughout your aura anytime you need help lifting into a higher space, and connecting with why you are here. For those who are considering a career change, you could try spraying before searching for new positions or anytime you feel unclear about what direction to go in. It’s also great to use before meditation, yoga, energy work, prayer work, and other healing practices. Simply spray your third eye, crown, base of skull, front and back of the heart and anywhere else you feel blocked or in need of a little love.


More Tips on How to Work with Amethyst Light™

“I use Amethyst Light with Emerald Light when I’m working with clients on deep energetic levels. I like to use Healer Within and Release It on my clients as well, but for myself, to keep me going during a session I often like to work with the Amethyst Light and Emerald Light.” -Maya

“This essence was essential to the coming of my first baby. We used a lot of this to set up the birth room. It helped me feel so strongly connected to what was about to happen and come. After she was born we continued to use this on her head to help her integrate in her new place in this world.” – Melissa

“First saw amethyst light mixed with white light and on each side of me the amethyst light looked more solid and then they formed like wings. That indicated angels were all around. Was made aware of many of them circling going upwards and it felt like eternity, which probably was, then there were those angels flying down, it made a synchronized pattern. It felt like prayers and answers. It was like even if the individual was not aware of saying a prayer or a desire the universe knew and worked on their behalf for their highest good with good to all concerned.” -Lorna

“I’m a hairdresser and I can’t live without Amethyst Light and the Crown Chakra sprays. My absolute faves! I use them on all my clients and tell them to get ready for a transformation starting with their hair.” – Jon

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