“Very positive this will amplify that vibration”

Loooong over due review! The only reason is because I felt it would be too long… i change my mind LOL TOTALLY 100% believe and absolutely love these sprays. I would highly recommend for other healers, Readers, massage therapist, intuitive counselors (or any for that matter), and Reiki practitioners to incorporate these sprays in their practice. Of Course it’ll work for anyone interested in it, it’s just I find certain sprays can really help with a nice closure to the session or I’ll recommend sprays to clients for after the session.

I’ve tried these for my clients so far:

1. Release it: Prior to every session I’ll spray this on the client to help in the process of releasing anything that is of no use to them. I’ll recommend them to purchase their own if I feel that they’ll need to continue with the process after seeing me.
I’ll also use release in my rooms afterwards to clear the energy after they leave if I have no “clear my space”. I find it works wonderfully with clients her are being emotionally bound to something or those having trouble cutting chords.

2. Harmony: FANT-FRIGGEN-TASTIC!!! I’ve tried it on WIND, WATER and FIRE signs so far. I usually spray it half way through or near the end of a session and my goodness it really brings a very mellow mood. Every… EVERY client who has sprayed them self, after having completed most of the session, feels the difference in their energy field when spraying this. I’ll notice their tone in speech will change and the most funniest reaction was a fiery & intense Aries client who let her guards down and just sat in the moment of relaxation with me after spraying her. I HIGHLY recommend this after any type of healing work. I also found that this affects people around me when I wear it. I use it for complicated relationships too just to bring a sense of neutral ground between people. I find that harmony really helps my clients AND myself to feel more balanced and have the ability to stay more neutral.

LOVE: Now this spray I use on clients intuitively. I’ll know if they need it or not. It really represents all types of love but for myself I have a sense of feeling very loved. The first time I tried this spray I had an experienced a moment of feeling a very Christlike love, a love that was forgiving, compassionate, understanding and very caring. It happened 3 days after the initial spraying. I now spray it it my rooms or area before doing a reading and find that clients have a sense of security and feel safe to the point where they open up even more for me to work on them. Yes, I have used this sprays for people in relationships and yes, with spiritual counselling it does wonders. I also have done a combo of LOVE & the ATTRACT spray; the intention was to attract a more positive feeling of love into those peoples (the clients I’ve used them on) lives.

ATTRACT: for this spray as mentioned earlier I like to use in combination with others to attract or magnify the intensity of the other spray. In other words I’m using it to attract what the other spray maybe. A funny story, I had a client use this spray and she was already using ATHENA. She told me for some reason one day a whole bunch of dogs were barking at her, not in a bad way, they wanted to be near her. She wasn’t the only one who noticed people around her did too. I thought that was pretty funny. It wasn’t my intention for her to do those two sprays together it just kind of happen that way. I use ATTRACT to bring in more of what ever the client is already projecting. So, if one is very positive this will amplify that vibration.

GOLDEN AURA: for my clients for some reason they react to this spray in their thoughts. I can feel a shift in the way they think. It’s almost as if they have more clarity in combination with understanding; it’s kind of like they connect with their own intuition. I also use this spray intuitively and will know if a client is in need of it. The first time I used this spray I felt and wiggling energy from the side of my nose, on my cheek that shot right up to my third eye. So for those of you who are sensitive you’ll feel the vibration right away.

FAIRY SPRAY: Fun, fun, fun in a bottle lol Okay, there are different reactions to this one they all have a common denominator…happy. I’ve seen people become very playful, light hearted, smile more and sometimes cheaky LOL! So, for the client that been having tough times and I feel could use some uplifting in spirits, I spray this. I reacted to it by saying, I don’t feel like I want to play, yet, caught myself rubbing my hands together saying what are we doing next haha! My first experience with this spray was feeling like there were tons of tiny little hands massaging my head and then working it to the front of my face. I could feel energy shifting in my face area and the mood change to lighter. I believe they go exactly where you need it.

TRANSITION: this one self explanatory and I’ve just started working with it for clients to help ease them into what ever transition they may be going through on any level.
So, I’ve used all of those sprays on myself and clients.

These sprays I’ve used personally:

: I used this for grounding but noticed that along with it I felt a sense of protection and intuitively knew I needed to use it before readings/sessions.

INDIGO: Very strong vibrations but delivered very subtly. I got a high off of it and it felt like I was surrounded by clouds. I think this would be great for meditative states or yoga. I’m sure there are tons of other things it could be used for but I personally would only use it for this.

White Light: ooOOOoooOO Great for rooms and incorporating in healing work. I also find that it helps in protecting oneself during these sessions too…good stuff!

VENUS: WhOOooOO I felt very empowered as a women and confident in myself. I was in a state of just being rather than feeling or knowing it. I had a feeling that I could do anything. Oh, I have given this one to clients to help soften them up if they had a very strong masculine energy so that they wouldn’t come off wrong to others.

ATHENA: Okay, this one for me is unreal. I had an experience of spiritual transition to I guess you could say another level and visions. This one feels like it’ll take you to the next step, unlike transition which will assist in adjusting or adapting to new situations or easing one through a trial or something of that nature, this one, ATHENA, feels like it helps one make a transition to the next level of life, spirituality or psychic ability…if that makes any sense. I can feel that it raises ones vibration and runs energy through the body for as much as one can handle, stop and repeat for the next couple of hours/days. It’s amazing.

Again, the sprays work for all people because I’ve witnessed first hand it’s energy affecting people around me but I find it does wonders with psychic readings, intuitive counselling/therapy or healing work of any sort. Also, for those who are very empathic…You’ll have a BLAST!!

There was a spray that I used that i noticed helped in manifesting, can’t remember which it was guess you’ll have to ask hehe
Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!!!


Update must share: So, I tried the 3rd Chakra spray. Amazing stuff. When taking this spray the sensation reminded me of violet light because, all though it is very powerful, it’s very gentle when flowing. I could feel it expanding out of my mid section of my body and it feels very self empowering when it comes to work. I felt very in my element and space. I had control and felt self assured when it came to my gifts and job. It felt as though it took me into that space and center chakra. I foolishly took this with Athena (y?? because I’m hooked on Athena’s energy. It’s too strong “for me” so I only take it once/twice a week)…nothing bad happened, it’s just that I didn’t realize how potent both would bet together. By the time I caught on I had been running so much energy and downloading all types of information that my body, mostly in nose, eyes, forehead and top of my head area, felt exhausted and tired, only in that area. It was as though I had gone swimming and i felt tired afterwards. I had done my grounding mediation but that was enough. I had been running the energy for several hours until my mentor said, GROUND yourself. I had a duh look on my face because I just didn’t realize how high I was. I used the Earth Chakra spray and …case closed ???? lol

So that leads me to

Earth Chakra
: instantaneous! I almost feel like I don’t have to do the exercise. My mentor says, you should once in awhile, but yes you could just use the spray. I was so high running information but after just one spray I shot right back down…it was amazing. I was still very connected but I felt very safe and secure. I didn’t lose any information It just was more filtered but accessible. I HIGHLY recommend Earth Chakra for grounding and believe it most likely work with those who astro project. Amazing amazing spray!!

Love: just another note on the “love” spray, I know I already had done a review on it, I wanted to add that it I had a feeling of Christlike love towards others, loving them just because they were God’s creation and seeing all the beauty they were created with and who they are. As I felt these feelings I could also feel it return to me.
Hope this helps gang, now gets to spraying! lol


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