Lunar Eclipse in Aries, Mars Retrograde, Venus Mercury Combust and More!

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Here are a few of our favorite Essences to use around any eclipse to help you embrace the inner light:
And for this particular November 7th/8th 2022 lunar eclipse we are also recommending:
  • Mars™ – For Mars retrograde in Gemini, and for Lunar Eclipse in Aries (mars is the ruler).
  • Topaz Master – For transmuting negative energy, manifesting abundance, and cosmic awareness
  • MercurEase™ – for Mercury Combust Sun and conjunct Ketu and Mars retrograde in Gemini – for communication and ease of mind with technology.
  • Venus™ – for eclipse in Bharani Nakshatra, ruled by Venus, and for Venus being Combust, to help you align with ease, bliss, beauty, and inner joy.
  • Removing Obstacles™ – Saturn is forming aspects and running the energy of both the solar and lunar eclipses, bringing up deep karmas to be cleared. Saturn is also making its last stroll through Capricorn, and challenging you all to get your lessons before it transits into Aquarius next year
  • Prosperity™ and Attract™ – For Mars in Retrograde in the sign of Taurus starting mid month, and staying that way through next year, causing worldwide financial strains
  • Release It™ and Transitions™ – for letting go of things, people, patterns and habits that no longer serve you
  • Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ – for clearing out the old and keeping your energy strong and boundaries enforced – see video links.
  • Empower™ – To help you observe the fear or worry around you but keep moving forward.
  • ImmunEase™ – For strengthening against unwanted or parasitic energies, and increasing vitality.

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