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Moon Magic: Transformation and Ma-Hina

Much like the New Year, the Full Moon is a great time for releasing those things you are ready or wanting to let go of and putting new energy towards drawing in things that will better serve you. It can be a powerful turning point in one’s life and a chance to give yourself a clean slate or fresh start. That’s why we chose today’s Full Moon to roll out our Intuition and Transformation Companion Essences™. We could all use a little “Lunar Therapy” here and there and these Shanti Kai™ Blends will help put the Moon’s Magic to work for you…

(Note: You can also substitute products from the Gemstone Master Essence Line — we recommend Diamond for Release It or Transformation and Sapphire for Intuition.)

So many times we hear people say that they tried to create a change, or that they made a New Year’s resolution, but were unsuccessful. And we say… “But you didn’t have our Essences!!!” (Or maybe just not the “right” ones.) Our talented writer friend Eloise over in Alameda tells us the essences are like having “little helpers in a bottle” and our Intuition and Transformation Companion Essences™ are designed to assist you in syncing with the transformative states inherent in nature and bring about the desired effects or manifested change you want to see in your own life.

While these Essences do not require you to do anything other than push down on a nozzle and spray yourself, we understand that people traditionally like to follow rituals or work in systems. And thankfully, our Native American ancestral counterparts left us with a few steps to follow… We’ve just modified it a touch to include our Shanti Kai™ Essences because, let’s face it, the Native Americans had huge prairies and uninhabited space to commune with nature – wild plants, clean air, and clear waters flowing all around them assisting with or supporting their processes. We’ve bottled up many of these nature vibrations so you too can have them all around you, even sitting in your apartment in the middle of the city or wherever you may be!

There’s a special Native American Fire Ceremony that is performed during the Full Moon (and sometimes the New Moon), in which one would either write down, or bring to the fire pit, objects or items they wanted to let go of and throw them in the fire pit, watching them burn away. Then they’d write down on a piece of paper – or in their own way make room for – the things they wanted to draw in.

We’ve developed our own version of a Full Moon Fire Ceremony using our Transformation and Intuition Essences (Note: You can also do this process on a New Moon). The Essences bring a special energetic support to such a process, making it a very effective way to help you shed what you don’t need and step into what you want to be. And don’t worry, you need not find a prairie with a fire pit! A candle may be lit to represent the element of fire, but it’s enough to just imagine a fire in your mind when going through the following steps:

1) Spray yourself with Transformation Essence™, close your eyes, and say a prayer or set an intention that you wish to release anything no longer serving you.

2) On a piece of paper, write down all the things that you wish to let go of, anything holding you back or keeping you stuck, or anything that no longer serves you.

3) One by one go through the list, close your eyes and imagine that issue being burned in the fire until it feels complete. Note: You may actually burn the paper* with the items you wished to release or fold them and place them under the candle (if you lit one) and leave it until it finishes burning…and then later throw it away. (*if this does not create a fire hazard, safety first!)

4) On a separate piece of paper, write down all of the things you wish to draw in or manifest, or traits/qualities you want to develop or strengthen.

5) Spray yourself with Intuition Essence™, close your eyes and say a prayer or set an intention that you wish to draw in all the things you need.

6) One by one, go through the list, close your eyes and imagine each of those things coming to you. Put this piece of paper or list under your favorite rock or stone, on your alter, or in your place of prayer or meditation, or wherever you may want (but we recommend somewhere where the vibration is a little bit elevated – bathrooms and shoe closets prohibited).

7) Every day, until the New Moon, work with the Intuition and Transformation Essences™, we recommend spraying the Transformation Essence™ before bed and the Intuition Essence™ in the morning. You can also work with them throughout the day, spraying them in tandem any time the issue you are working with releasing comes to mind or shows up in your energy. Simply reaffirm your intention, spray the Transformation Essence™ first, wait a moment, and follow with the Intuition Essence™. You may visualize the Moon’s Light surrounding you and supporting you**.

When using these Companion Essences™ in tandem, as with this exercise, we suggest spraying Transformation Essence™ at the base of the skull (left and right), along the spine, backs of kidneys, and backs of knees. One may also spray over the sacral chakra and root chakra zones. We suggest spraying Intuition Essence™ over the forehead and third eye area, over the Crown of the head, temples, throat/chest, and abdomen. If desired you may also spray over the fronts of knees and tops of feet.

**(Intuition Essence™ actually has special cactus and gemstones in it that help draw down the cooling yin light of the moon. At Shanti Kai™, we think of using this essence as receiving the Moon’s Abishekam or downward flow of grace. You may actually see or sense a silvery pink light sparkling in your Auric field using this essence over time, although initially you may experience deeper blues around the third eye area, that is if you are prone to experiencing things visually or with color. Others will just feel a sense of comfort and support or a vibrational lift in their energy or experience it in some other way over time. As an aside, we suggest you not get attached to trying to see the colors, as it really doesn’t matter at all and has no bearing on the essence working, rather it’ll just get the ego involved and suppress the natural syncing with the nature vibrations. And if you do see them, a good exercise would be not to tell anyone about it.)

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