Shanti Kai™ Ma-Hina™ Essence for Invoking Qualities of the Hawaiian Moon Goddess

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The Legend of Hina, The Hawaiian Moon Goddess

In ancient Hawaiian mythology, the Moon Goddess was named “Hina”, or Hina-i-ka-malama, which means, literally, “Hina in the Moon” or “The Woman Who Worked in the Moon”. Although Hina takes many different forms, in Hawaiian culture she is most commonly worshipped as the Moon Goddess. She is revered for her role as the great divine feminine creator, having given birth to Maui, and as such is a representation of the magnificent and Divine Feminine Power – the Goddess and Creatrix who dwells within us.

Hina is believed to be a skilled maker of kapa, a traditional Hawaiian cloth made of bark and typically made by women. In one legend, Hina grows tired of working so hard and being unappreciated by her husband and children, so she climbs a rainbow to the sun with the intention of making it her home. She finds the sun too hot, so she instead climbs a rainbow to the moon. It is here that Hina finds her home – she settles in, and finding a Banyan Tree inside the moon, takes the occupation of making kapa cloth for the Gods.In another myth, she is believed to have been the Goddess of the sea before moving to land, where the moon and stars escape from her “kabash” or coconut gourd. In this myth, before she leaves to make the moon her home, she is known as “Hina Nourished by the Moon”. Additionally, just as the moon moves through different phases, Hina is believed to preside over different phases of life, the seasons, birth (represented by the new moon) and death (represented by the waning moon).

Hina is also the great female warrior – creator and seer – she’s clairvoyant, possessing the luminescent powers of the moon. Her gaze penetrates into the depths and beyond, seeing deep into your soul and into the heart of all mankind. She sees and divines your hidden motivations – she destroys mistruth and lies. She wages war against hidden evil and reveals your shadow. She is the goddess, seer, warrior, and destroyer all in one.

Ma-Hina™ Master Essence

Ma-Hina™ is our Lunar Master Blend, dedicated to Hina the Moon goddess of Hawaiian folklore and legend. It is also our premiere essence for harmonizing with nature’s rhythms, specifically Moon cycles, and is designed to bring out your own goddess within – your own inner “Hina”.

Spelled as “Ma-Hina”, this essence, much like our namesake, Shanti Kai™, is a play on Sanskrit and Hawaiian – paying homage to both the Planetary wisdom of the Eastern tradition of the Vedas, and to the origin of the Hawaiian plants and minerals with which it is infused. Ma-Hina™ honors both the Mother, Teacher, Master, or “Ma” as she is known in Sanskrit, and the Hawaiian Moon Goddess “Hina” who is hailed by tradition as the one who abides in the “Mahina” (Hawaiian word for Moon). Hina was perfectly comfortable being “inside out”, wearing her feelings and emotions as her armor. Just as the moon illuminates the night, so does our Ma-Hina™ Essence help illuminate your own inner darkness, and that which may be looming around you.

What’s in Ma-Hina™?

Ma-Hina™ was designed with a synergy of flowers and minerals that can help develop your inner vision, foresight, and of course, your intuition. It’s robust gemstone base works on deep levels to help you tap into underlying emotions, and enhance your ability to empathically understand and see into the hidden motivations of both yourself, and others.  Ma-Hina is rich in vibrations that penetrate deep, unblocking your third eye and creating an alchemy that gently stimulates your kundalini, aiding in the awakening of your life force energy.  Ma-Hina™ is further enhanced with rare orchids and a medley of exotic Hawaiian Flowers formulated to further evoke the energies of Hina.


Ma-Hina™ and Your Sixth Sense and Intuition

Though yin in nature, Ma-Hina™ Essence has a gentle yet stimulating effect, helping to awaken the creative force within (aka Kundalini) and deepening your connection to the Divine.  It further helps illuminate your shadow so you can clearly see that which drives your own thoughts and feelings; for when unrecognized, your shadow has the opposite effect. It blocks your inner light, dims your intuition and hinders your inner vision. 

Working with this Essence and connecting into this “Goddess Energy”, your own Divine Feminine and the abundance of the moons mystical power become much more accessible.  For when you reveal your shadow and bring it into the Light, then you can clearly see into others around you – as well as yourself – and be able to correctly perceive the world around you.

Ma-Hina™ and Emotional Energy Blocks

Ma-Hina™ further aids in clearing energetic blockages, i.e. trapped emotions (and other energies) that can hinder not only your inner vision (sixth sense and intuition), but also have detrimental effects on your sleep cycles and interfere with your ability to feel rested and rejuvenated.

Shanti Kai™ Ma-Hina™ Master helps shine a light on the deep inner emotions that motivate your behaviors and actions that can manifest undesirably, negatively impacting your relationships with others. You may find working with this blend overtime, that you naturally become more balanced and more at ease.  You’re also likely to find that your partnerships and relationships naturally improve and increasingly begin to flourish.

The Luminescent Color Frequencies of Ma-Hina™

Ma- Hina™ Essence yields a soft but deeply intense energy that may best be described by the color frequencies in the blend: a combination of pearlescent, silvery light pink with deep indigo hues. The healing yin energies found in Ma-Hina™ invoke a deep sense of serenity… you may feel as though you’ve been cloaked in a robe of silvery light, made from Hina’s luminescent kapa cloth, for it invokes the majesty of the deity cultures, who since time immemorial have referred to her as “Moon Goddess” – she’s had many names, yet her essence remains the same. Captured here in this blend, Hina lives on.

Working with Ma-Hina™

Shanti Kai™ Ma-Hina™ Essence can help those of you especially prone to the effects of lunar energies, to find greater emotional balance and harmony throughout the month. When you’re in tune with nature, the powers of your intuition flow freer, emotions naturally become more balanced, and female cycles, as related to the moon’s gravitational pull over your physical body, become less stressful.

Working with Ma-Hina™ During Hormonal Transitions

Working with Ma-Hina™ before, during, and in the days immediately following your menses, during pregnancy, nursing (and other trying stages of motherhood), and times of hormonal transitions (e.g. menopause and/or post pregnancy) may be especially balancing and beneficial.

This may be especially true if your menstrual cycle is in rhythm with full moons. In this case, you may notice that your emotions are even more magnified than normal during PMS or other hormonal cycles and that you experience greater bloating or water retention in your physical body.

Working with Ma-Hina™ for Addressing Issues Regarding Sleep & Accessing the “Dreamworld”

If you suffer from insomnia and other sleep disturbance, especially on or around the full moon, Ma-Hina™ Essence may help you to achieve deeper, more healing levels of sleep. Often, you’ll find insomnia is caused by some underlying subconscious pattern or issue that is disturbing you, causing your mind to spin round and round or invoking anxious emotions.  During full moons or when certain planetary aspects are made, this effect can be exaggerated and have intensified effects on your ability to find rest.

Ma-Hina™ can help you access your sixth sense and turn it inwards, to invoke healing and wisdom from accessing therapeutic states of rest  and/or helping you to journey deeper within the dream world to find the answers you seek. In fact, Ma-Hina™ is chock-full of essences that are ideal for those interested in dreamwork, dream interpretation, dream therapy and other subconscious work**.

In essence, it may help you in finding and releasing subconscious blocks while providing a luminescent quality, like being comforted by the Moon Goddess Hina herself.

Working with Ma-Hina™ for Astrological and Lunar Transitions

It may be especially helpful during full moons, new moons, certain astrological transits, and times of emotional intensity. During full moons, your energy is intensified, the moon is fuller and brighter and closer in proximity to the earth, and therefore exerting a greater gravitational effect on all bodies of water. As you are at least 70% (or more water) and water connects to emotions, during full moons, like the ocean’s tides, you too are likely to be “pulled” by its effects. This is why many people complain about insomnia during full moons and of fatigue and exhaustion during waning moons. During waning moon phases, you may feel weakened or lack passion and vitality, and may feel as if you are not inspired or are unmotivated regarding your life in general. Thus, either full moons or waning moons are excellent times to work with Shanti Kai™ Ma-Hina™ Essence. Use during full moons to help you release what is no longer serving you. Use during new moons to help you lay down plans to harvest or manifest the things you need for the incoming cycle, and to help you create and birth into existence that which you desire or seek in your life.

Working with Ma-Hina™ for Emotional Clarity & Sixth Sense Development

You may also find this essence helpful when you are not sure if you’re intuition is accurate or if it is distorted by past trauma or fear, as it helps you go deep within yourself and bring hidden energies and emotions to light. Use this Essence any time you need to call on Hina’s nurturing, protective qualities or to summon the Divine Feminine in the form of your inner warrior. Beneficial for both males and females alike, working with this essence overtime can help you release unwanted energies and enhance your ability to see past hidden motivations and into the truth- and to assist you in manifesting abundantly and in accordance with your needs.

For a Native American exercise on working with the energy of the moon visit Moon Magic: Shanti Kai™ Lunar Therapy™.

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