Manifesting Goals with Release It™ and Attract™ Essences

Releasing and Attracting

Oftentimes you set goals or intentions, but for some reason find yourself unable to bring them to fruition. You want to attract certain things – a better job, a new home or relationship, better income, etc. You do all these positive things to attract new energy and still somehow remain stuck… sometimes that’s because there’s an underlying blockage preventing the new energy from coming in. Release It™ and Attract™ Essences, when used in tandem, allow for a powerful, conscious means of working with the energy of almost any given situation or issue, to move toward the physical manifestation of your goals. Release It™ gets underneath and pulls out the blockages and the Attract™ helps draw in the new desired energy.


Use daily with the intention of clearing out whatever is in your way of achieving what you want to achieve. It may be ideal to use Release It™ at night over any areas of tension or tightness, and throughout the aura. Use Attract™ in the morning and before activities that involve the energy you are wishing to draw in (such as before a date or interview). It may be beneficial to spray Attract™ over the heart and three lower chakras (front and back), and throughout your aura. Alternate these essences throughout the day as needed (within 15 minutes or more) spraying first Release It™ and following with Attract™. It may be helpful to take deep expansive breaths after spraying each essence and reaffirm that your goal is coming to you, or say a prayer that whatever is in line with your highest good will be manifested.

“My business was “stuck”, slow, down, blocked, not moving forward…I was looking for solutions – better ways to manage, budget, cut costs etc. A friend told me they’d used Shanti Kai’s Release It™ spray to help move thru a bad break up and I started to wonder if I could use it to release whatever might be slowing my business down. I started spraying myself and around my office, products, supplies, computer and mail daily. I also sprayed the chairs of my employees after hours. I was also using Attract™ in my aura during this time. Within about three weeks one of my employees announced he was leaving. This had been an employee I had wondered about anyway but hadn’t wanted to let go because I felt bad. Around that time I started to wonder if my website was part of the issue. I implored my web designers and realized none of the SEO had even been input although I had been paying. The employee that was leaving was in charge of overseeing the website and had also overlooked that many of our products had only partially been input and were not available for online purchase. When he left we found lots of customer emails asking why they could not purchase. The web designers knew they were supposed to do this but were lazy and waiting for our employee to pressure them. When I brought this to their attention they offered me a refund on several months and allowed me to break my contract with them. To make a long story short, after several weeks with Release It, I released my web designers and the problem employee. I got a new company in that could manage themselves and I now have a Rockin website and a much more lucrative online business. I really do believe aligning my intention with this product made all the difference. I had been “stuck” in a rut for months and using Release It and Attract is the only thing I did differently.”
– Stan Cisneros, Los Angeles CA

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