MercurEase™ and Imagine™: Companion Essences for Creative Solutions

Companion Essences Creative SolutionsAt the core of Shanti Kai™ MercurEase™ Essence is a synergy of Hawaiian Flowers that may help with communication, mental focus, and coordination. It also contains gemstones that may foster left brain activity and enhance problem solving capabilities. It’s Companion Essence™ Imagine™ is loaded with Hawaiian flowers and healing crystals that may stimulate right brain activity, improving imagination and enhancing creative visualization. Taken together, MercurEase™ and Imagine™ may be the perfect combination to bring about Creative Solutions to help you solve everyday problems…(as well as those gigantic ones that come up every now and again!).

What’s more, with Mercury going Retrograde in a few days, it’s a perfect time to power up with this dynamic duo. For those that aren’t familiar, Mercury Retrograde is a time when (due to optical illusion) the planet Mercury appears to be traveling backwards. During this time, communications of all types tend to go haywire and problems with technology run amok. Rather than dreading the Retrograde, we recommend using our products to maximize your energy and embrace the challenge it brings, for it’s likely the issues that show up are just drawing your attention to underlying matters that need resolving.

Shanti Kai’s™ Companion Essence™ duo is a great way to power up your mind’s resources, both creative and intuitive, and solve such problems once and for all! But Mercury need not be Retrograde to benefit from these Companion Essences. Anytime you want to expand your internal resources, work through a blockage (such as the common writers block) or other artistic or mental obstacles, our MercurEase™ and Imagine™ combination is an excellent choice to empower you to Creative Solutions.

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