MercurEase™, Mars™, and Imagine™ for the Friday the 13th Moon in Scorpio


This Friday the 13th emotions may reach a peak with the moon in the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio, and frustrations from changes in travel plans, canceled meetings due to the coronavirus, which coincidentally started while Mercury was retrograde and continues as we move through the retrograde shadow period. The next day, however, on March 14th, a Mars-Neptune sextile occurs bringing a powerful opportunity to manifest your dreams by way of the fastest destination.

Mars is all about getting it done, and Neptune represents your dreams and wishes. When these two form a sextile an almost magical opportunity is created to bring these two seemingly opposing planets into a harmonious spirit and a rare opportunity to align with and manifest your goals. This may be most welcome after the Mercury retrograde period when some ventures may have experienced some slow downs.

We’re recommending Shanti Kai™ Essences MercurEase™, Mars™, and Imagine™ to help you through the Friday-the-13th moon in Scorpio and to help you harness the helpful manifestation energies of the Mars-Neptune Sextile!

MercurEase™, our go-to essence for Mercury Retrograde issues, is designed to promote intelligent thinking, problem solving, and smooth communication to help with changes in plans that Mercury retrograde energy can create.

Our Mars™ blend may help to balance some of the emotional intensity of the Scorpio moon, as Mars is one of the planets that rules Scorpio, and may also help you to capitalize on the Mars-Neptune sextile, helping you to tap into the raw creative energy needed to take action.

Finally, our Imagine™ Essence helps you to tap into the creative power of your imagination so that you can envision exactly what it is that you want to accomplish, and use your vision to fuel your actions.

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