Counter the Effects of Mercury in Retrograde with Shanti Kai™ MercurEase™ Essence

MercurEase Essence

So, who is Mercury anyway?

Mercury is known as the Messenger of the Gods in both astrology and mythology, governing Communication, Travel, and Technology. Mercury is about CONNECTION. Successful communication, travel and proper-functioning technology all require connection.

What does it mean, “Mercury in Retrograde?”

Due to an optical illusion, three or four times a year for a period of roughly three weeks, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in orbit, hence the phrase “Mercury in Retrograde”. This can have a significant influence on aspects of our lives involving communication, travel, and technology.

Technological and travel snafus can cause us terrible stress, but often our biggest challenge under Mercury Retrograde is miscommunication that negatively impacts our most important relationships. In this day and age with communication and technology being virtually inseparable, the effects of retrograde can be exponential.

What are the most common experiences during the Retrograde?

Common effects of Retrograde Mercury include: last minute scheduling changes, interrupted travel plans, increased numbers of dropped calls and signal interference, mail lost, proposals/offers rescinded, text messages and emails misinterpreted (or worse yet, forwarded to the wrong people), memories mixed up, concentration…what was that?… With communication happening at such rapid speeds, and miscommunication even faster, it doesn’t take long for one of these little snafus to explode into something quite intolerable.

For this reason, it’s suggested when Mercury is in retrograde that we check and recheck our travel plans, hold off on making big decisions, read and reread our emails and texts (before reacting or clicking “send”), confirm appointments, etc.

Why we need MercurEase™…

Even with all these precautions, the Retrograde can still be a contentious time that tests our ability to stay calm, focused and centered. While ultimately, Mercury is forcing growth and showing us our unresolved issues (through its barrage of “little tricks”), and while we must navigate our way through time and space as best we can, it sure helps to have support!

Shanti Kai’s MercurEase™ is a carefully crafted infusion of flowers, gemstones, and precious metals that bring support to our communications and mental processings. Just as a well fed and well rested body can better handle stress when under pressure, our MercurEase™ can help one stay above the “mental madness” so common to the climate of Mercury Retrograde.

Retrogrades as Opportunities for Growth and Healing…

Retrogrades are ultimately opportunities for us to learn and grow, and Shanti Kai’s MercurEase™ can help us through these periods of Mercury’s “tough love”. Since these periods have a sneaky way of bringing unresolved “stuff” from our past back to the forefront – and oftentimes these are things we thought we had dealt with and moved on from – it might just be time to grab yourself a bottle of MercurEase™ and work through these things once and for all. For once we heal our own issues, we can no longer be affected by negative outside influences. MercurEase™ contains vibrational imprints from nature that were intended to help us humans heal the energy fields that govern communication, expression, and all forms of mental processing.

…And hey! You don’t have to wait for the Retrograde to try it. In fact, it’s better you don’t! Essences work over time. And while Shanti Kai™ Essences are power-packed way beyond the typical essence or flower remedy – and while you’ll most likely experience immediate benefit – long-term changes are seen after using over periods of time.

Who Else Might Benefit from MercurEase™?

Those who give readings or consultations, those engaged in public speaking, writers (especially those experiencing writer’s block), artists, musicians, students and scholars, those engaged in critical thinking, those who are aging and seeing effects on memory, those who often feel misunderstood or tend to somehow come off wrong, those going to important interviews, those who travel frequently or work with technology or in the travel industry are all EXCELLENT candidates for MercurEase™.

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