“My true self wanted a way to shine and Jayme was the answer to my prayers. “

My true self wanted a way to shine and Jayme was the answer to my prayers. Now almost two years later, I can confidently say that my life has not only become more fulfilling, but healthier and happier because of her dedicated help.

With her aid I have provided for myself a path in being closer to God, a healthy relationship with a man, ways to enhance my existing relationships, new exciting career opportunities , and the tools to being more confident and speaking my truth. In addition to our spiritual work she has taught me important diet and nutritional lessons about my body that I could not ignore anymore. And in return I have lost weight, get sick less and even have a more stable control over my emotional ups and downs.

Jayme is understanding, thoughtful, patient, experienced, and a wonderful mentor, all the things that helped me be more compassionate and forgiving towards myself and others. I am always grateful for each session with her and the loving space she provides to work in. Her love and support always help outweigh any obstacle I face in any moment or day to day situation.

Sarah D.

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