Neostylis Orchid Essence for Rest and Relaxation

Neostylis Orchid Essence

Neostylis Orchid Essence is a calming, soothing Essence that can do wonders for your ability to unwind, relax, and find deep rest. If you constantly feel like you’re tightly wound up – like a yo-yo, reacting to your thoughts and all the energies that surround  you, it may be you’re in need of Shanti Kai™ Neostylis Master Essence!   Formulated with select variations of Neostylis Orchid flowers, its Essence is synergized to help you unwind and even  uncurl, easing tension patterns from deep within. It can help your subtle energy bodies cleanse, releasing old programming within your cells and helping reprogram energies of muscle memory, i.e. that affect how you tense up and react.  

Neostylis Essence has a slow and subtle, but pronounced ripple effect, and may be beneficial in resolving  psychosomatic issues underlying  physical patterns of  tension; it may help ease energies that underlie your tight muscles and/or your wound up nervous system, patterns that would cause you to stay tense and tight, unable to physically let go and mentally relax. Taken before bed, or in times of heightened stress, Shanti Kai™️ Neostylis Essence can help alleviate restlessness that’s preventing sleep and/or diminishing the quality of your sleep. It may also be beneficial should you experience waking up not feeling rested, in spite of having slept. 

Tip:  Use before, during and after red eye flights or all night travel, or in instances such as time zone change, or when sleeping somewhere new, such that your body might not fully let down (i.e. and your sleep does not enter the necessary phases needed for awakening replenished).  Neostylis Essence is further recommended any time you feel underlying tension patterns beginning to overtake you, such as muscles clenching or tightening. Simply take orally, or spray over sensitive areas, especially the third eye, temples, crown, heart center, and along your spine, or any combination of those areas as needed or desired. It’s good for restlessness in all ages, and may even be useful for hyperactive children and those who just can’t calm down. Taken in acute dosages, such as every 15-20 minutes, and/or 2x day over a period of time, it may moreover be beneficial for energies of restless leg syndrome and other symptomatic maladies that interfere with relaxation and rest.  Use at early onset of stress, and as needed for easing a restless mind, especially during times of pronounced stress. 

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