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Aloha! If you are a new client, please fill out and submit the new client questionnaire below. Then fill out the appointment selection form to request your preferred appointment slot. Also, don’t forget to review our policies below!

We will either accept your requested spot or email you back with an alternate date and time, along with a link to submit your payment and lock in your time!  If a specific session type is needed, we will let you know! Upon appointment acceptance confirmation and payment, you will receive an email with directions to the physical location or instructions for the virtual appointment.

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Cancellation Policy

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for cancellations in order to receive a full refund.

For cancellations made in <48 hours but >24 hours are refunded IF we are able to fill your appointment time.  Cancellations under 24 hours are NON refundable.

We apologize for the inconvenience.  Please know that your session “energetically” begins the moment you schedule; that is to say, the moment you decide to schedule, you set in motion a process that acts on your subtle energy field. Resistance to attending appointments can be viewed in this way as part of a bigger process that reflects your own karmic challenges to growth and healing. However, that being said, we understand that life is full of challenges and that it is not always possible to be everywhere at once and that, put simply, “things come up”.

Session Tips

Tips on Getting the Most from Your Session with Jayme

****Jayme does not work on physical or mental/emotional illness. She works on clearing, balancing & strengthening your body’s innate energy field and clearing out lower frequency energies so that you vibrate according to your highest potential.  In this way, with time, you naturally begin to align with your optimal health and divine potential – lower frequency energies such as those underlying illness, imbalance, and other “dis-ease” naturally begin vibrate OUT of your frequency.

For this reason we ask that you not request she “heal” something for you or expect her to “remove” or “clear” your problem.  However, it IS perfectly fine to let us know about your condition- this gives necessary and valuable information that will indubitably come to light during your session anyway, allowing more time to focus on you. When you focus on the disease, it builds its ego and gives it power that it would not otherwise have. We prefer you receive this focus instead.

Jayme is not a “psychic” or fortune teller. Jayme relies on her God-given Clairvoyant ability for guidance. However, she is not guaranteed to see information regarding the questions you may ask.  In most situations, she will provide you with the insight she is given, which usually pertains to the areas you need help.

For virtual appointments, we recommend you be somewhere quiet and undisturbed – or request a remote healing – for the duration of your session. Jayme does go into a sort of channel or deep state during session. For this reason, should you be virtual, her eyes will be closed and outside noises can effect her channel.

Readings can be done in 30 minutes segments but to do deeper work, please allow a minimum of 75 minutes.  Though not enforced, first time clients wanting to do deeper work should ideally allow 2 hours, or a minimum of 90 minutes for best results, and/or schedule a 30 minute reading ahead of the session they wish to do deeper work in.

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