Companion Essences for the New Moon in Aries: Intuition™ & Mars™

Happy New Moon everyone! Today is the start to a new week, and a time for new beginnings as we celebrate the new moon in Aries… it’s also the perfect time to breakout our Mars™ and Intuition™ Essences!

While this new moon could have you feeling more energized, and ready to start something new, our New Moon in Aries Essence Companion Essence duo, featuring Intuition™ and Mars™ can help you benefit even more from this event.  Mars™ Essence can help give you the get-up-and-go needed to get things moving in the right direction, while balancing masculine energies, softening negative expressions of Martian energy such as aggression and anger, and helping those with too much feminine energy to pull in qualities such as action and drive.  Our Intuition™ Essence connects us with the energies of the moon and helps you to harmonize and draw on the power of it’s phases.  Combined, this pair can help you start your week with the fire-y power of the new moon in Aries at your back!

If you don’t have these essences on hand don’t worry as we’ll be under this influence for a little while!

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