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Intuition and MercurEase SetTonight’s New Moon marks the Sun and the Moon’s alignment in Gemini – a sign ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication) and Shanti Kai™ is having a New Moon Sale. Get 15% off either our Intuition™ or Mercurease™ blends individually or get 20% off when you buy the Companion Essence set.

More on the New Moon:
The Sun and moon alignment in ‪‎Gemini‬ is also making an exact conjunction to Venus. And with Venus front and center, love and romance in all its forms will be highlighted. along with a need for clear communications. What a great way to use and combine MercurEase™ (our communication and expression blend) and Intuition™ (recommended for harmonizing and attuning to lunar energies). Elsewhere in our solar system is the opposing retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius and squaring Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune’s dreaminess may lend a little clouding of ongoing issues, but with Saturn encouraging common sense and Jupiter in Virgo urging you to pay attention to the Big and Small Picture, there is much potential to synthesize dualities (another Gemini trait), break fresh ground, and make new starts. -Eloise Hill

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