Peach Topaz Gemstone Essence

Peach Topaz Gemstone EssencePeach Topaz Gemstone Essence may help you break away from limitations you place on yourself from false or limiting beliefs and thus help you manifest the “impossible” (or at least more than previously thought possible).  Often when we have limiting beliefs and insecurities, we are more reactive to things others say and do – and can take offense at things quite readily.  Peach Topaz gemstone essence invokes a sort of energetic shield in one’s aura that helps transmute negative or unwanted energy before it enters one’s system.

Imagine having the sort of presence wherein if someone wanted to speak (or even think) negative words or thoughts in your presence, they would be repelled so quickly that the person decides not to. Buddha was said to have such an aura of magnetism to Him (the size of a football field), and Jesus too such that even non believers would bow in His presence. Peach Topaz can’t evolve you that quickly, but it can buffer your energy field and give you some help while you work toward your higher evolution.

Through this action it can also help you step into your confidence more readily – recognizing your abilities – and to more easily draw in what you need to follow your highest life path.

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