Pet Essences: Spray vs. Drops and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Essences and Pets - Drops or Spray
Should I get sprays or drops?

If your animal is generally healthy and you just want the essence to use as needed – such as thunder storms, car trips, vet visits, etc – then you may want to go with drops.

Drops: Drops can be taken orally as indicated on the bottle label (and elaborated on in the brochure). In some cases, if there is increased or prolonged stress, then you may choose to use acute dosage, which is when you give the pet the indicated amount at regular intervals (say every15 or 30 minutes, depending on the level of need) until the animal’s stress response has improved.

Sprays: If your pet is aging or has a known problem such as arthritis, kidney issues, thyroid issues, lung problems etc., then you may choose to treat the animal’s energy field on a regular basis, at least twice a day (or in some cases as needed/desired for discomfort), with a spray. Simply spray as directed on bottle/brochure and also over any problem areas. You may wish to google pet anatomy to learn where to spray for your pets concerns.

Should I spray the skin, fur or just over the aura?

All can be advantageous. Parting the hair and applying spray to skin can also be helpful, especially if there is suspected physical discomfort (see brochure), however this is not necessary in order for the essence to work. A pet reading with Shanti Kai™ may help you determine how to best apply. However, directions on the bottle will suffice in many cases.

These have alcohol in them, are they safe for my pet?

Essences, like homeopathies and other herbal remedies have traditionally been made with alcohol as a preservative (since most animals don’t have alcohol addictions, there is little reason to be concerned for this reason). If you are concerned with giving your pet drops orally, you can choose to apply by spray or another manner described in the brochure (such as topically to the ear or on the scalp).

Could my pet be allergic to the ingredients?

Essences are vibrational and therefore do not pose the same threat as do essential oils or remedies with plant matter. One drop of therapeutic grade essential oil is included in the sprays for anti-microbial properties and to benefit strengthening of the olfactory system. You may wish to use drops if you are concerned with certain essential oils*. For an additional cost you can order the essence with no essential oil.
*It is your responsibility to know your pets allergies.

What will my pet experience?

We encourage you to try the pet essences on yourself first to get a feel for what your pet may feel – remembering animals have more acute senses than humans but cannot tell you this directly. Use consistently over time for best results.

To test on yourself: close your eyes and take a few deep centering breaths and slow exhales. Shake the bottle vigorously to activate ingredients and then spray directly on your forehead (or third eye), temples, throat and neck and other areas of tension. Wait a few minutes and notice any signs of gentle releasing or shifting. Repeat as necessary until you have tuned in to what is happening.

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