Pink Moon Sale!

Some Lunar Lovin’ coming your way… Ever wanted to try one of our single flower or gemstone essences? Not sure which to try? Well here’s your chance to sample several at discounted price! The pink moon will shine April 22nd and in addition to Intuition™ our premier Lunar Essence, we’ve selected a handful of our pink flower and crystal essences that can be used to harmonize with the natural rhythms of life, and can be worked with during the Pink Moon and/or anytime. The so called Pink Moon was named due to the pink moss that covers the ground after spring has come and is in full bloom.

Size: 0.5 oz droppers
Sale ended 4/26/2016.

The following essences are part of our Pink Moon Sale:


    • Pink Sapphire Essence: Works on opening the third eye chakra and bringing wisdom, especially in women and with the aging process. In younger women it acts more on the root and fertility, and then moves more into the heart with motherhood and middle years; but with age it helps transform one into the wise woman, making available energies that sometimes get stuck in the aging process.


    • Pink Smithsonite Essence: Helps balance and harmonize relationships. May ease fears of interpersonal relationships and exchanges. Encourages leadership abilities and self-confidence, rational thinking and perspective. May enhance problem solving abilities and increase understanding of different perspectives.


    • Rubellite Tourmaline Essence: Strengthens the heart and willpower and helps one attain wisdom. Activates all qualities of the second chakra and brings balance needed in whichever direction. For instance creativity may be stimulated in someone who is mentally lethargic and someone who is mentally hyper active may be calmed.


    • Kunzite Essence: Kunzite Essence acts on both spiritual and physical levels of the heart chakra. It’s essence encourages development of divine virtues such as compassion and unconditional love, may enhance meditation, and alleviate fears held in the heart chakra. It’s essence brings a feeling of protection. It may help soften issues with the father figure through its balancing of the male heart meridian.


    • Rhodochrosite Essence: May promote strength in bones, muscles, and blood on energetic levels. It may help with processing grief out of the physical body and aid in balancing and calming one’s emotional or mental stress. It may help balance and strengthen the base chakras, and from an energetic standpoint, it may be especially beneficial for women during their monthly cycles. Rhodochrosite Essence may bring a sense of softening to cranial and jaw bones or aid in energetically alleviating tension in head and neck.


    • Rhodonite Essence: Works to charge your heart chakra, showing you self love and confidence while the black Manganese found in Rhodonite works on your roots to provide protection and grounding. This essence can be found helpful in healing and protecting your heart and assisting with emotional stability – especially in vulnerable situations.


    • Morganite Essence: An essence for the heart chakra- cleanses and stimulates the heart chakra. Helps resolve issues associated with the mother figure through its balancing action on the female heart meridian. A good essence to use during times of stress, Morganite helps one be in the “now” and experience the joy that the present moment has to offer. Morganite Essence may help one release ambitious or competitive tendencies associated with the need to get ahead in life, and move into a place of gratitude and contentment, of just “being”.


    • Dolomite Essence: Calming, lightens one’s energy. Re-aligns all chakras with respect to one another and subtle body’s. There is an immediate lightening in one’s energy as the chakras align – much like someone who is carrying a heavy load being lightened.


    • Pink Dahlia Essence: Strengthen one’s ability to handle intense emotional stress. It helps to increase faith and confidence, thereby allowing one to step into a space of optimism despite difficult circumstances (i.e. stressful jobs, relationships, family, etc). It can also help those who tend to be overly logical to tap into and harmonize with their emotions, bringing about balance.


    • Dark Pink Oleander Essence: Has emphasis on attracting others to it. It teaches one to become aware of their own inner and outer beauty and to share it with the world (and to do so in a safe, healthy way). This is a good essence for those who are shy or harboring feelings of unworthiness.


    • Hibiscus Essence: Especially helpful in easing and grief and healing from loss, especially as relating to relationships. One with a tendency toward aggression or hot temperament may benefit from the gentle quality of Pink Hibiscus which teaches one to “just be” and not react.


    • Spanish Clover Essence: May benefit the immune system, especially reproductive areas in females. It also may help one learn to recognize negative and unhealthy energies that are draining their energy.


    • Sensitive Plant Essence: Sensitive Plant is a fascinating low lying vine that senses when it is being approached and responds by morphing into a camouflage ground cover and exposing its thorns. Thus when one walks on or near Sensitive Plant, a wide section of forest floor shifts instantly, thereby protecting the plant. Its adorable fuschia puffball of a flower yields an essence that acts on the auric field, increasing one’s antennas and assisting one in automatically increasing their protection as needed. It also teaches the spiritual and/or energetic component of one’s immune system to avoid parasitic energies.


    • Azalea Essence: Increases self assurance, especially during times of transition. It also helps one understand the timing of things and when to act. Azalea flower essence can be helpful for one who is entering a new phase of his or her life or who wishes to bring about change while staying grounded. It helps one to shine when it’s their time to be seen or heard.


    • Parasol Plant Essence:Multidimensional interface, increases intuition, like having an extra set of “antennas”. Parasol Plant Essence may help one be more receptive to other’s ideas and feelings. It may help one who is in a foreign culture to assimilate easier and help with cross-cultural communication. This essence may also assist pets and owners, and communication with loved ones who have passed on.


  • Pink Crown of Thorns Essence: Clears the energy field by bringing in unconditional love. It increases one’s awareness and experience of the Divine Christ connection, which operates in unconditional love and compassion. It helps with connecting into this source of love and allow ourselves to be cleared in this way. This essence is strongly protective and carries with it an energy of sweetness and joy. Energetically, if one can see in this way, it surrounds the physical body with peach-pink-gold light.

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