Shanti Kai™ Planetary Line & Earth Chakra™ Essence: A Note From Jayme

Shanti Kai™ Planetary Line & Earth Chakra™ Essence


Aloha Friends!

The goal of the Shanti Kai™ Planetary Line is to help people become aware that some of what they experience in life is not always about or because of the microcosm that surrounds us. Some of it has more to do with the bigger picture in the cosmos. It’s generally accepted, for instance even in the medical profession, that the full moon has an affect on the mind, body and especially, the emotions. Likewise, other planets and star systems we are in orbit with have gravitational pulls, but moreso than just gravity is the electromagnetic fields of outside planets. Astrologically most people have heard of and at least somewhat understand Mercury Retrograde for instance, but most still find it a stretch to consider how the human mind and energy system is constantly being affected by the proximity of other cosmic entities – like planets, moons, stars, etc.

So I was having major ear issues out of nowhere – abnormal inner ear like I had water blocking the inside. I tried the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Sprays which helped – but it wasn’t until an acupuncturist friend sent me the video below that I understood what I have been feeling the past few days. Whether or not there is an earthquake almost is beside the point, because what does appear to be indisputable is that the planets are aligning in such a way to cause distortions in our normal electromagnetic field.

Those that are very sensitive to energy may have found themselves on edge this past week, feeling up and down and high anxiety and overall overwhelm and confusion – or any number of head or nervous system issues.

After watching this video, I started working with our Earth Chakra™ Essence and this immediately started to balance my ear and head area. Shanti Kai™ Earth Chakra™ Essence is all about balancing one’s energy with regards to planetary shifts – and it can also be paired with other essences in our planetary line to help balance these more complex relationships in our energy field. Specifically Earth Chakra™ is loaded with many (like 27 plus) evolutionary gemstones – crystals that are showing up at this point in time on the planet to help us balance, align, and cope with what is happening on a larger scale.

Anyway, I just thought I would share in case it helped any of you out. I’m sorry if it was too much for some – we try to keep our work grounded and free of anything too extreme – but understanding our place in the cosmos and how energy field can be affected is a big deal to us here at Shanti Kai™ – and we thought you all might enjoy working with our planetary line at this time.

– Dr. Jayme Jensen

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