Shanti Kai™ Prosperity™ and Removing Obstacles™ Tip of the Week

Prosperity and Removing Obstacles

This week, with Saturn and Jupiter both in Retrograde, and a major eclipse and a Full Moon on the way, we are focusing on pairing Shanti Kai™ Removing Obstacles™ and Prosperity™ (once again!) for working through feelings of overwhelm, unfocusing from the mess, releasing the stress, and downloading the frequencies you need to creating a brighter future and paving a golden path ahead.

When you feel emotional heaviness, or when you’re facing challenges, or just plain stressful situations throughout your day (or night), you might find its easier to spiral inward, focusing on the mess, than it is to look up and focus on the bright light up ahead.

When you do that, when you let the stress and overwhelm grip you (which we all are guilty of at times.. no exceptions), anxious feelings or even depressed emotions, heavy dense pressure, even pain, tend to amplify, accumulate and compound, sometimes becoming unbearable! Especially if you don’t have the answers, you don’t know how to rectify your situation, it can be especially challenging to sit there and be with it. It can become unbearable even.  While yes, you eventually have to work through your “mess” and our words to action on the physical plane, it can really help to STOP, get your bearings on an energetic plane, release the heavy dense pressure you’re feeling, and allow your Higher Self space to take over.  That’s because as long as you hang onto the mess, it’s yours. You can’t expect your Higher Power to intercede if you surrender to the Divine only to grab it back and fester with it.

So how do you go about creating this shift, from overwhelmed, festering, and spiraling into a dark rabbit hole to releasing, opening up, and yielding to your higher power?  Well there’s lots of ways and history and religion and spiritual practice and therapy all have their techniques.. but nature also has its own technique. Vibrational Essence Therapies, created by Nature, inspired by the Divine, and handmade by Shanti Kai™… just for you… this is a technique anyone can use. All you need is simply to be ready and open, willing to accept change. And let the essences go to work on your behalf.

Working  with  Removing Obstacles™, our Essence blend for working with the effects of stress, and mitigating Saturn’s undesirable energies (such as financial/health/stress/and relationships challenges) ; While Saturns not all bad, you will find with it currently in retrograde (along with several other planets), you may have more obstacles than normal (see our blog here)


  • To use, shake up your bottle of Removing Obstacles™… (this activates the synergy of ingredients).  Following, spray your: forehead, temples, abdomen, and chest.  If possible, ask your partner, child, or friend (or do what I do and stretch your arms really far behind your back) and spray along your spine, all the way up to base of your skull.
  • Close your eyes and sit with this for a few moments allowing space to mentally “let go” of the heaviness or emotional weight your stress is causing you. (While you may not solve everything immediately, those of you that are energetically sensitive or empathic will most likely feel a shift or a lifting sensation)
  • You may feel lighter, or a tingling sensation, you may feel your spine lengthen and straighten or begin to feel your thoughts slow down or speed up. You may feel shifting emotions ranging from joy to sadness in seconds… all these are perfectly normal responses and indications that the essences are working.
  • In some cases, you may even feel the opposite. As a student in one of Jayme’s classes once expressed (after being sprayed on the forehead with this spray) “What did you just do?!!! It felt like a brick landed on my head!” Of course, she was fine, the sensation she soon learned was repressed shock coming out, and as she sat with it, it slowly eased until eventually, she felt much lighter and more peaceful than she had in a long time.

Using Removing Obstacles™ with Prosperity Essence™
After a few moments, follow with our Prosperity™ Essence, our Jupiter Essence for expansion, opportunity and inspiring good fortune, feelings of optimism and luck!  This is a happy, uplifting and  invigorating Essence, that you may find makes it easy for you to take the focus away from your problems and onto the good vibrations you are now taking in from the Essences you just sprayed throughout your aura.

Note: the action of shifting your focus away from your problems helps to create mental space, moving you away from your problem and allowing your higher self (and Divine Power) to take over and work through it. Meanwhile, the vibrational frequencies in the blend go to work, aligning your mental and emotional subtle bodies, your third chakra and higher mind, and help to release trapped energy so that you can take in more light, inspiring and uplifting your spiritual, emotional, and mental energies, moving you into an energetic state of expansion (versus one of contraction, so common to feelings of stress and overwhelm).


  • After using Removing Obstacles™, thoroughly shake your bottle of Prosperity™ Master Essence,  then spray: your forehead, temples, Solar Plexus/abdomen area, heart center, spine and anywhere you experience stress or tension. Under normal circumstances you only need a few sprays for this Essence to work, however when under duress, you may feel like you want to increase it. (This does not speed up long term effects, as your body’s electrical field can only repattern so fast, but it can help you more thoroughly “cleanse” and  “lighten up” in the moment which no doubt has long term effects.
  • You may even repeat the sequence as needed, until you have moved into a better space. Remember, no matter what you are going through try not to focus on the mess... whatever is going on in or around you, try to, at least for a moment get beyond it and focus on the present.
  • Next, try to bring your attention to your breath, your inhales and exhales, and visualize an outcome to your current stress, where you feel blessed, grateful, and inspired, motivated once again to live your best life.
  • Offer gratitude for the outcome that is already positioning itself.
  • Then seal this vision with a few deep breaths: Take a few long but brief, inhales and exhales in and out of your mouth (this helps to raise your vibration). Then when you are ready, come back to the present moment, repeat a prayer, mantra, or affirmation and slowly bring your awareness back to the earth beneath your feet, grounding yourself and getting ready to re-enter your life, knowing that help is on its way.
  • It’s possible you may need to make a change or two, maybe even a big one, maybe you need to find a new path, or take a different direction with regard to your situation… but none of that is going to align for you as well as it could while you’re focusing on the mess you’re in, or surrounded by. Taking moments like this to intervene on your own behalf helps shift your energy and deposit new seeds of creation for your subconscious mind to develop, while you go back to doing your best moment to moment
  • Throughout the day, or night, repeat as needed.  Once you’ve set up an intention using these sprays, you may find you do not need to keep repeating the exercise in such depth. It may be enough to simply spray one after the other, Removing Obstacles™ than Prosperity™, and your subconscious mind will instantly bring up the program you put into place earlier. It’s as if you’re simply reminding it to shift back to your brighter focus, and to become inspired by new possibility, once again.

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