Weekly What’s Up: Prosperity Essence for Jupiter Retrograde

Prosperity™ Essence for Jupiter Retrograde

Jupiter just turned retrograde and will remain so until August 11th.  Lucky for you, Shanti Kai™ Prosperity™ Essence is made specifically for all things Jupiter and can help you align with the positive energies of this planet – such as wealth, opportunity, wisdom and success!

Jupiter relates to our belief systems, the people and places we look to for wisdom, understanding, and spiritual growth. However, when Jupiter is retrograde we may begin to doubt or re-examine some of our beliefs and teachers, turning within to determine if they still resonate with our principles.  Since Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system with a massive energy field that affects us more than any other heavenly body (except for the sun and moon), you are likely going to go through some major shifts during this time!

Jupiter’s returning home to Sagittarius, which means its power will strengthen and its effects will amplify – all of this while being in retrograde. Since retrogrades cause planetary energy to reverse course, the normally outward spiraling energy of Jupiter will be redirected inward.  This can stimulate some deep contemplation, inner questioning and ultimately, refinement of our beliefs and life paths….it sounds simple enough – but doing the inner work can be challenging at best, and that’s where you might benefit from having a tool at hand!

Our Prosperity™ Essence may help you to connect with the energy of the higher chakras, helping to open and expand your spiritual understanding.  When these higher energy centers are open, you may experience deeper levels of inner knowing and intuition and higher levels of thinking, making it easier to evaluate belief systems and teachings and discern if they still resonate.  It may help you to keep the outward expansion that Jupiter energy normally provides us with, so that you continue to vibrate toward your goals for growth (even while going through the inner process this retrograde is bringing).

We suggest you use this essence over the front and back of the solar plexus, the crown of the head, bottoms of the feet and throughout your aura, either twice a day or any time you like.

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