Shanti Kai™ Pure Joy Energetic Wellness System available at Pure Joy Day Spa

Pure Joy Energetic Wellness

Pure Joy Energetic Wellness

The Holidays are a festive time of year, but they can also be stressful, and with Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s a great time to cue you into our new Stress Defense™ Master Essence, part of our Energetic Wellness System created in partnership with Pure Joy Day Spa, an award winning Spa in Honolulu Hawaii. Shanti Kai™ Stress Defense™ Master Essence is a synergy of Hawaiian flower and mineral infusions, and therapeutic grade Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, designed to soothe, calm, and ease stress. This Holiday must have, as well as the rest of the Energetic Wellness System, are available exclusively at Pure Joy Day Spa.

Our exclusive Pure Joy Energetic Wellness System includes six custom essence blends, each being derived from a repertoire of over 600 handcrafted vibrational plant and mineral infusions, therapeutic grade essential oil, as well as many years of blending knowledge, and lots of love and aloha.

Read on and learn a little more about each of the products in the system:

The first step in our Energetic Wellness System is our Release It™ blend which contains powerful ingredients that work deeply to release deep-seated energetic blockages so that healing, restorative energies can begin to move in. It can be applied as suggested on label, or over specific areas of stress and tension. It can be used alone or as part of a system, but we recommend following it with an essence that seals your energy field (such as with Shanti Kai™ Guardian Angel™ Essence)

The next step, Clear My Space™, helps to clear the blocks that have made their way to the surface, as well as to dispel any negative energies that may have accumulated in your energy field, helping you to attract pure, positive vibrations of love and light. It can also be used to clear out energies that accumulate in any space or place, and over time, energetically helps to seal places in earths grid lines where negative energy tends to accumulate (such as places where there’s been arguing or accidents).

To help maintain, protect and strengthen your energy field, we recommend you follow cleansing with our Guardian Angel™ Master Essence, a powerful blend that invokes a field of protective shielding, helping seal you up to keep negative frequencies out. Great for anyone who is easily depleted, energetically sensitive, and who, in general, could use a little extra shielding throughout the day. It can also be used around the perimeter of your property or office space, vehicle, or anywhere else a little extra Protection is needed.

Once you’ve cleared and protected your energy, Stress Defense™ helps to address day to day stress that may arise by providing healing frequencies from some of nature’s most robust plants and vital minerals directly to your energy field, to help soothe and calm. This master essence can be used acutely, taken at regular time intervals during symptoms of stress, or twice daily as suggested on bottle.

Merely surviving stress is not enough… you want to thrive! Prosperity™ helps you to align with frequencies of opportunity, expansion, and good fortune. It’s beneficial for balancing the third and sixth chakras (solar plexus area and mind), enhancing energies associated with confidence, success, and empowerment! Prosperity™ is great for anyone who feels professionally stuck or out of the flow, for those looking to expand, and also for those who are studying (or anyone in school).

Finally, optimum wellness is not possible without proper rest. Our Sweet Dreams™ blend contains a synergy of ingredients designed to energetically align you with restorative Frequencies traditionally used to inspire peaceful slumber, dispel nightmares, and balance circadian rhythms. Over time, Sweet Dreams™ helps release subconscious accumulation that tends to arise and prevent sleep.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say about our Prosperity™ blend:

“Need a little luck? Use Prosperity. I bought raffle tickets at a fundraising event. I sprayed Prosperity on my raffle tickets before depositing them for drawing and I won the grand prize valued at $3800! I’ve never won a raffle prize until now.” – Lori A.

Check out Pure Joy Day Spa Brochure of Shanti Kai Essences: Pure Joy Energetic Wellness Collection

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