Release It™ Companion Essences and Recommendations

Release It Flower and Mineral Essence Blend

Get ready to say goodbye to all that no longer serves you, and step into new intentions, goals, hopes and dreams. Release It™, our powerful blend for releasing energetic blocks, is loaded with key flowers, orchids and gemstones for letting things go and moving stuck energy out. Put it to work for you as a tool for going deep and releasing blockages on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels – often stored as resistance on subconscious and unconscious levels. If you feel stuck, and/or like you’re dealing with the same issues, same emotions and same challenges, over and over again, then this might be the perfect essence to help propel you forward. Release It is one of our most powerful essences and it pairs well with so many other essences to help enhance the results.


Recommendations For How to Use Release It™

When using Release It™, it helps when you tune in and think about what you’d like to release before spraying. Take a few deep breaths and focus on what you’d like to achieve. If you are working with a certain area of the body where you feel pain or tension, then tune into that area and use a few sprays over that area of the body. If you want to release emotional baggage, then sense where you might carry that emotion in your body and spray those areas. If there’s no area of the body associated with your intention, or you aren’t sure what’s blocking you, then you can spray your forehead, temples, base of skull, heart and/or feet. Imagine the essence releasing and clearing away whatever it is you intend.

When working with multiple essences, its best to wait 15-60 minutes after using Release It™ before using the next essence. You can also use Release It™ at night and the complimentary essence in the morning.

We also recommend journaling your experience with the essence(s). Small shifts over time may not be that noticeable, but when you look back at where you were when you first started using an essence, you may be surprised at just how far you’ve come!


For Releasing Emotional Baggage

For releasing emotional “baggage” or weight, we recommend using Release It™ and Frequencies of White Light™. This is because whenever you take something out, you want to put something back in. Frequencies of White Light™ contains the purest vibration – where there is White Light, there can be nothing else.*

Suggested Uses:

Use whenever negative thoughts or feelings come up with the intention of releasing them and letting them go. If the feelings can be linked to a specific body part (e.g. butterflies in your stomach, a “broken” heart, weak knees, headache, etc.), then spray over the affected areas. Otherwise, it may be helpful to spray the base of the skull, forehead, temples, heart center and feet. We recommend using Frequencies of White Light™ 15-60 minutes after using Release It™, or using Release It™ before bed and Frequencies of White Light™ in the morning. Frequencies of White Light™ should be sprayed in exactly the same locations that the Release It™ was used.


For Manifesting Goals

Use Release It™ and Attract™ are our Companion Essences for releasing old patterns and unwanted energies, attracting new energies and attaining new goals. Often times, you may set goals or intentions, but for some reason find yourself unable to bring them to fruition. You want to attract certain things – a better job, a new home or relationship, better income, etc. You may do all these positive things to attract new energy, and still somehow remain stuck….sometimes that’s because there’s an underlying blockage preventing the new energy from coming in. Release It™ and Attract™ Essences, when used in tandem, allow for a powerful, conscious means of working with the energy of almost any situation or issues, so you can move toward the physical manifestation of your goals. Release It™ gets underneath and pulls out the blockages, and Attract™ helps to draw in the new desired energy.


Suggested Uses:

Use Release It™ and Attract™ daily, with the intention of clearing out whatever is in your way of achieving what you want to achieve. It may be ideal to use Release It™ at night over any areas of tension or tightness, and throughout the aura. Use Attract™ in the morning, and before activities that involve the energy you are wishing to draw in (such as before a date or interview). It may be beneficial to spray Attract™ over the heart and three lower chakras (front and back), and throughout the aura. Alternate throughout the day as needed (within 15 minutes or more) spraying first Release It™, and following with Attract™. It may be helpful to take deep, expansive breaths after spraying each essence, and to reaffirm that your goal is coming to you, or to say a prayer that whatever is in line with your highest good will be manifested.


For Inviting In the New

Release It™ and Frequencies of White Light™ Companion Essences can also be used to release the old and invite in the new. Use these two together to release and re-pattern deep seated energy blocks so that you can move forward with brand new intentions. Using Release It™ first, spray any areas of tension, or you can spray the standard suggested areas for this blend, which are listed on the bottle. If you like, you can make an intention to release whatever is blocking you from experiencing positive change. After a few moments, spray Frequencies of White Light™ over the same areas that you used Release It™ on. If you have some time, take a few moments to sit still and experience the subtle (and maybe not so subtle) responses your body has to the Essences. You may experience:

  • Feelings of getting lighter, or a floating sensation
  • Feelings of heaviness or tingling
  • The desire to fidget or adjust your posture
  • Feelings of tension releasing
  • Increased mental clarity or renewed perspective

You may even envision or experience pure, positive energy entering into your being in the form of White Light, carrying pure potentiality.

A great way to continue using these Essences would be to use Release It™ at night before bed and Frequencies of White Light™ first thing in the morning. You may also want to incorporate our Attract™ or Prosperity™ Essences throughout the day or as needed or desired.

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