Releasing Emotional Baggage With Release It™ and White Light™ Essences

Release it and White Light Essences

Did you know that deep seated energy blockages – not visible on the surface – can wreak havoc within your system, causing imbalance in your life? Such blockages may seem to crop up suddenly, with no rhyme or reason… but upon deeper inspection, have very specific reasons for being present. At their core, is the vibrational imprint – the recorded memory of the original trauma (or negative memory) that caused an experience to become embedded within you – either encoded as cell memory or genetically downloaded. In referring to trauma, we are referencing the moment just before impact, wherein a negative memory is encoded – this can be anything from stubbing your toe to being yelled at in school, suffering ongoing stress, or even experiencing actual physical trauma, such as in a serious bike or auto accident.

In accordance with Holographic Memory Resolution (see the Services section of our website), any time there is a moment of overwhelm, there is a corresponding “freezing” that occurs in the body-mind.
If left unattended, that part stays frozen and is stored in the nerve plexus closest to the affected area. Energetically, these stored traumas appear like dark dense bodies of accumulation in the emotional and subtle bodies – literally weighing you down. Shanti Kai™ Release It™ Essence Blend gets into this dark energy accumulation and begins pulling it up and out, breaking up energy blockages and drawing out (or purging) the toxicity whilst encouraging a state of letting go and/or surrender. The Universe hates a void however, and whenever you take something out, you want to put something back in.

We thus recommend following Release It™ with Shanti Kai™ Frequencies of White Light™ Essence, which infuses energy that’s harmonized at the frequency of white light into your energy field, putting clean, high-vibrational energy back in.  When there’s pure white light in your energy (or auric) field, there is total protection,  shielding and healing – no negative energy, pain or trauma can coexist in that area.


Exercise for Releasing Emotional Baggage Using Release It™ and Frequencies of White Light™

Apply Release It™ and Frequencies of White Light™ Essences in tandem whenever discomfort, stress, negative memory, overwhelm,  and/or other negative energy arises.  Set your intention to allow the underlying source or the condition to release – so you can relax and let go.  If the feelings can be linked to a specific body part (i.e. butterflies in your stomach, a “broken” heart, weak knees, a pain in your neck, etc.) then spray over the affected areas.  Otherwise it may be helpful to spray the base of your skull, third eye or forehead, temples, along your spine and over your heart center.   

Step by Step Application:

1) Take 5-10 deep, calming breaths .

2) Spray Release It™ Essence, using 5-7 sprays over the areas suggested above.  Set an intention of letting go of the negative thoughts, feelings, etc.

3) Close your eyes and for a minute or so, and tune in to what you feel, see, or sense happening.

4) Wait 5-20 minutes before following up with Frequencies of White Light™ Essence.

5) Again, draw in a few deep, calming breaths and allow your mind to center.

6) Shake well and apply Frequencies of White Light™ Essence using 5-7 sprays in exactly the same areas you sprayed above – as well as anywhere else you feel the need.

7) Close your eyes and tune in, allowing energy to continue to clear and release, as well as for white light to integrate within your system. Notice what you feel, see, or sense happening.

8) Repeat as needed.

Note, you can also use Release It™ before bed and Frequencies of White Light™ in the morning – creating a 1x a day routine for application, and augment it with in-tandem application throughout the day as needed. This is recommended if you are using these Essences as part of a general energy maintenance routine, rather than when targeting a certain area or issue.

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