Remote Vibrational Essence Therapies™ Class FAQ

Group Class FAQ

The Clearing and Integrating Process


How will I feel after a Shanti Kai™ Remote Vibrational Essence Therapy™ Group Class?

Most people report feeling lighter and freer right away. However, depending on whether or not you take the extension, you may have some processing to do before reaching this point on your own. Some feel energized and others tired – it truly depends on where you are in your process. If you have been burdened and an energetic block or attachment is cleared or lifted, you may instantly feel lighter. However, in other cases, that same release may pull up a myriad of energies and, even memories – that your body-mind must process before being freed.

Remember though, that when you integrate healing from a Remote Shanti Kai™ Vibrational Essence Therapies™ Class, your energy field is literally detoxifying out lower frequencies, which may include stress and various types of energetic blockages. Such blockages can be complex – and without getting in too deep, just know that it is normal to need more rest or even at times to actually experience symptoms of physical and/or emotional detox post session.

Of course, always see your doctor if you have a health concern. Our services and products are not an alternative for proper medical care.


Is there anything I can do to help move the release along?

While this may be uncomfortable, you can help the process of releasing along with continued Essence use, more rest, bathing in salts and warm water, spending time in silence, proper diet, the right exercise (i.e. yoga and or taking long walks), sauna (if your body responds well to it) and other meditative practices. Certain Essences can also help move things along, most notably, the ones actually used in the class.

If you feel stirred up or agitated, you may also benefit from some of our yin aligned Essences such as: Healer Within™, Ma-Hina™, Silver, and Kyanite Master.

However, if you feel stuck and/or heavy still, you may need something to move along the release process. In this case, you may benefit from something such as Release It™, Shungite (any variety), Black Diamond, Transitions™, Empower™ or Transformation™.

If you are experiencing a sort of tiredness or fatigue, you may benefit from one of our yang aligned Essences, having more fire quality to them, such as: ImmunEase™, Topaz Master, Golden Aura™, or Quartz Master.

If you are processing emotionally, and feel unclear in this way, try: Kilauea Rose, Anahata™: Heart Chakra, Camellia Master, and/or Harmony™.

If you are spiritually down, remember that as heavier energies clear, it is important to uplift your spirits as much as possible, in which case you may benefit from: Lighten Up™, Violet White™, White Light™, Lemurian Quartz Master, or Shower Tree Master.

And, if mentally you are not clear, if your mind is struggling to make sense Indigo Light™, Ajna™: Third Eye Chakra, MercurEase™, and Sapphire Master are all excellent choices,

Certain Companion Essences such as Release It™ and White Light™ can be helpful with softening the process of a release, while at the same time accelerating the process. Healer Within™ and Harmony™ can also be beneficial for helping you soothe and calm the stress while integrating new energy.

See our Blog and/ or FAQ section on the release process with essences for more info.


If I attend a Shanti Kai™ Remote Vibrational Essence Class in absentia will I get the healing right away if I am not able to call or tune in?

If you were unable to attend but were with us remotely- in absentia, it may be that you will have to enter into a more passive, receptive space before you can fully physically integrate the session. Moreover, it can take a while even if you were fully present to process and integrate on all the different levels before you can appreciate the shifts.


What can I do to help it along?

Meditating or simply sitting in silent contemplation (i.e. with eyes closed) – before bed and first thing in the morning- and/or using Essences such as Violet White™ and Earth Chakra™, especially in tandem, can be especially beneficial for downloading the healing frequencies from your session.


Will it be as effective as a one on one private session with you?

Yes and no. Yes, you can attain the same energetic benefit in a group as in a one on one, in terms of energy transferred to you but it can take more time to process and integrate. Thus it may be faster for you to augment class sessions with private work, especially if you are undergoing increased stress and/or other challenges.

From an economical standpoint, intermixing group sessions with private work and scheduling follow ups as needed for processing is the best way to go. The group sessions will get you more time in terms of energy work and you can then focus on the parts you need individualized attention for in shorter private sessions as needed.


What if I feel nothing after?

Oddly enough, we hear a lot of things at Shanti Kai™, but rarely- if ever – have we heard someone saying they experienced “nothing”. I say “oddly enough” because I recognize the type of work being done is unique – even for the world of energy healing – and that there may be skepticism toward it.

If that is the case for you, I would say work with our Release It™ Essence, and consciously work on becoming aware of any resistance you may have toward healing. Remote Healings can stay on the energetic plane for years, waiting to download at the appropriate time – when you are in a passive but open and receptive state. Most commonly, they usually go in within a matter of days, but parts of it may take longer, and its not uncommon for it to take weeks or months to fully process certain aspects. (See testimonial/case study at the end of this for an example of that).


What if I feel better but the issue I wanted help with hasn’t gone away?

Your higher self is in charge of your healing process and when working with the Essences, that process is respected. Nature aligns with your highest good and intention – the pranic energy that is found in nature works in a precise and divine, structured order; it has a very specific way in which it works with your body to process balance, and clear energy. That being said, it is normal to feel lighter right away, while still having an underlying issue.

If you take medicine you may say “its working, I feel better now” when in fact you’ve just numbed it – yet you register it as a good sign. In fact, oftentimes, you may have actually made it worse by “correcting” something on the surface and masking something deeper. Shanti Kai™ Vibrational Essence Therapies do the opposite – the essences work to unmask the underlying problem acting on the underlying energies – so if you feel better, not worse, even though your problem hasn’t gone away or gotten better – that is in fact good. That is a sign of the deeper release and restructuring that is at play – of the reorganization that is happening. Its like you take off a shoe that has a rock in it- get the rock out, fix the sole, and put it back on- well, sure, you may have big huge cuts in your feet and bruises all over from the sharp pointed rocks you had in them – but the foundational part is being corrected and that is still good.

But still, certain other habits may take some conscious attention to shift – and this may also play into how good you feel. Depending on how much inner work you’ve done up to that point, additional support may be required. For instance, you may be in the habit of noticing what’s wrong, such that even when energy clears and an energetic weight lifts, your mind is already tuning in to another weight (and/or issue) you are carrying. In this case, you may need to consciously practice acknowledging your efforts and affirming your progress before you can fully appreciate the healing you’ve done. You may also need to work on changing patterns in your own thinking and behaving, or even undergo therapy and/or other forms of self work before you can allow yourself to feel better – even for a moment. It may also tie into worthiness issues and beliefs that you don’t deserve to feel good – and so you see, it may be more complex.

Shanti Kai™ Essences however, do address psychospiritual conditions – even facilitating bringing them to the surface. In fact, if you read each of the descriptions on the myriad of Essences used in any given class you will see many of them – if not most – have functions toward clearing and elevating some aspect of the soul or psyche – and of the mind-body matrix. If worthiness issues underly a condition that is not clearing, chances are, you will eventually – if not immediately- just by virtue of attending a class, bring it up, and, it will be right there in your field waiting for you to process thereafter.

At the core of most conditions is the root energy of that condition, and that is what the Essences target. This root energy has its expression on the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional planes. When its targeted as energy- simple and pure- as in a Shanti Kai™ Remote Vibrational Essence Therapies™ session – the release of any emotions, thought-forms, attachments, memories, beliefs and/or experiences otherwise tied to it are a given … but it may take time before your conscious mind recognizes that to be the case.
So, while it may seem like first you did the energy piece in the class and now you’ve got to do the mental, emotional, physical or inner work otherwise – in fact, the truth is one begets the other.

An athlete can have surgery on a knee injury and still ice their knee and go to physical therapy after … they may even need trauma therapy before they get back in the field and play on it – think of it like that. The Essence class is the “surgery”, psychospiritually speaking, they are transferred to you, you are opened up, cleared out, balanced and reset all via the energy transference… and any follow up work or verbal processing are the supporting processes – the PT and icing.

For this reason, it is possible that if you are open, receptive, and willing to change, that you will not need to do any other sort of therapy or healing work thereafter- that Vibrational Essence Therapies (or remote Essence class) alone is enough. However, should you encounter internal resistance, or, if the mind necessitates a process, Essences make an excellent adjunct to other healing processes, and you will likely see quicker results with other forms of healing when working with them this way.

Shanti Kai offers a number of private session types, such as HMR, Breathwork, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, and other integrated energy processes to help with this- please see our Services section of our website here.


I’m frustrated- why do certain problems or issues not ever seem to clear?

If there is a karmic lesson attached to the energy being released, it may be a certain aspect of your issue may not be free to fully clear until you get the bigger lesson. If this is the case, you may still experience a release, as discussed above but certain issues will not just go away. Chances are, if you’ve found Shanti Kai™, you’ve already tried conventional means of healing, and may have even gone to a myriad of practitioners and experts looking for help. So remember, if you do not see immediate results you may need to adjust to a different way of looking at health and healing first. You may also need to release your expectations – as when you hang on to something too tightly, you rarely get what you want. Acceptance is the first law of spirit – you have to accept what is, let go of what isn’t, and surrender to what is. Only then can you begin to experience the magic of the universe… and the healing powers of nature.

Jayme uses her intuitive insight and at times, among other things, will review your vedic astrology chart in order to pinpoint certain energies within your overall life and timeline. If you’re struggling to get why you’re where you’re at, sometimes looking at the vedic astrology can help you make peace with that part, and bring patience to the rest. There are a number of other means that Jayme uses to facilitate healing for her clients, but it can help to know where you’re at before you start.


Do you ever see stubborn issues finally leave or go away after not having any progress for years?

YES! When you really get the karmic lesson – and achieve the necessary level of realization a problem or condition is seeking to teach you then “voila!”, it is possible for an issue to just go, “poof!” just like that. You may go for a massage or chiropractic treatment and Bam! Snap! Whack! that nagging pain or tension suddenly vanishes…that thing you couldn’t let go of in your mind just goes away… or you may go to therapy or be talking to someone – heck it could be your pet bird or cat – and suddenly have a realization and just like that, the karmas over… the issue “cured”! But… without clearing the vibrational energy pattern in the first place, none of that would have even been possible. I’ve heard countless stories over the years that feed into this narrative – and many of them stemmed from clients wherein I saw in session the energy bothering them leave – but more time was required for them to download it on a physical level, to actually experience the result.


Healing and Spiritual Transformation


Can everything be healed and cleared?

There are some issues are not meant to actually be cleared – they are a sort of karma that you must bear. Although very frustrating at times, these are often the things that bring you closest to the Light and keep you searching for the truth – in the name of looking for healing and help.

It is sometimes the things you cannot clear individually that bring you more in alignment with your own humanity. It is those conditions and issues that bring people together in the name of a cure and unite people for a common good. Always remember that there are many levels at which a situation can play out- from the individual to the collective- the finite to the infinite – and it is important to take the view of the highest mountain top in order to understand the terrain you are crossing.


How can I know if Im truly healing or making progress?

Try not to judge yourself or the effectiveness of the effort you’ve made from an external perspective- said simply- don’t judge your progress by your issue. You do not always know where you really are in the bigger picture – in the Divine scheme of things. Instead, look for feelings of being more spiritually connected or aligned from within as signs of true healing and inner strength. When it comes to healing and progress, you cannot judge how far you’ve come with a mile marker – for healing can be more akin to a roller coaster – one day its up the next day down. Instead, you must look at how you handle the sudden twists and turns of the ride to see how you are really doing from inside.


Should I be concerned if I feel worse after a session?

Always give time after a healing session before making judgments and assumptions. The release process can test your inner strength in as much as it brings stuff up – but as you learn to observe it rather than engage it, your path can become much smoother. I always tell clients that you’ve gone up into a dusty attic and started to clean it out – there are memories in those boxes and some will make you sneeze while others will make you cry… all of them will stir you up. It may be best to simply observe yourself cleaning out the attic rather than engaging each object in every box.


Keep a Journal

Many times I have clients who are suffering from one malaise or another – be it physical, mental or emotional. We do a session and I send them home. The next time I see them they say may say “I didn’t notice if what we did worked or not” but yet they came back…. And when I turn to my notes Ill say :”how is the situation at work? or what about the shoulder pain? Those feelings feelings of unworthiness? the sleep disturbance? Or any of the other energies that were bothering you?” … and 9 out of 10 times Ill get back something to the effect of “oh that, that left a long time ago- the next day it was gone- I don’t even remember it anymore…. whats wrong now is that this other thing is bothering me!” So you see… the mind forgets as soon as it has something new to engage it! So… do keep notes so that you are able to track your progress!


Why do you suggest we regularly attend Shanti Kai™ Remote Essence Therapies Classes?

You must maintain your energy field the same way you do your physical body, or your home. If you never clean your house, you can’t know how dirty it really is- but if you clean it weekly, you know when it’s starting to get dusty again. It’s similar with your energy – dust will deposit and accumulate and it’s hard to know the value of cleaning until it’s so built up that it’s blocking your view or clogging your drain… don’t let that be you! When there is that kind of accumulation, you may not even know if the cleaning helped, because deeper cleaning is needed…. and sometimes you unclog a drain only to find the pipe also needs to be changed! Such is life and your body is interconnected – memory is linked within you and one clearing begets the next. Sometimes it’s just maintenance, keeping the dust from piling up, but sometimes it’s much bigger than that – maintenance is key!

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