Weekly What’s Up: Removing Obstacles™ Essence for Countering the Effects of Saturn

Removing Obstacles Essence for Countering Saturn

On Wednesday, September 18th, the planet Saturn ends its retrograde after having been retrograde for many months. Once Saturn begins is direct motion we may gradually begin to experience more ease in our daily lives and our projects, and some of the heavier Saturn energy that has been doling out lessons having to do with discipline, responsibility, and commitments will begin to lift and soften. The days surrounding this transition however can bring stronger than normal Saturn energy, and we may temporarily feel the effects of these lessons more intensely. Our Removing Obstacles™ blend is designed to help ease some of the more challenging energy that Saturn can send our way, and help us to integrate some of Saturn’s lessons so that we can grow stronger and be more equipped to meet our goals.

Saturn transits are not typically viewed as good news, but if we take the time to listen to and work with lessons that this planet brings, it’s a huge opportunity for us to make positive changes that can really propel us forward in life. Mastering issues around discipline, commitments and responsibility actually provide us with more freedom and opportunity rather than holding us back or restricting us. This is why Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, a meditation master and yogic Guru says in her book, “The Yoga of Discipline” that discipline brings total freedom and ultimately grants us liberation from the bondage of life.

Once named “Saturn Block” Removing Obstacles™ contains ingredients from the Nature Kingdom that are believed to help soften some of Saturn’s harsher aspects. It can help to break down resistance to learning some of these lessons, and help to remove some of the energetic blocks that may keep us from moving forward. Sometimes we may have blocks that we are not even consciously aware of (which makes it hard to work with), however Removing Obstacles™ is formulated with ingredients that traditionally help with accessing sub and unconscious states, and releasing fears, beliefs and behaviors stored inside. This blend also targets blocks in the Root Chakra, which typically involve survival issues, fears, and family matters. As blocks in this chakra make it near impossible to meditate and prevent one from reaching higher states, Removing Obstacles™ is a great companion essence to pair with the following Essences:

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