Kula Lodge & Restaurant, Maui

Shanti Kai Hawaiian Essences can be found at Kula Lodge & Restaurant located in Maui. Visit the Kula Marketplace to check out their selection.

Aloha Lily Flower Essence

Aloha Lily

Embodying the Aloha Spirit
Activating Spiritual Light Bodies
Aligning with Your Divine Purpose

Amethyst Essence

Amethyst Master

Master Healer
Opens Crown Chakra
Wisdom ~ Divinity ~ Transformation

Attract Essence


For creating, drawing in, and manifesting abundance.  Attract™ is our ultimate manifestation tool, formulated to help you align with resources you need to succeed. Use throughout aura, over abdomen/ lower chakras, 3rd eye, neck/ chest, and spine.
Hydrangea Flower Essence

Big Island Hydrangea

Promotes One-Pointedness
Calms Scattered Thoughts
Helps Balance Mental Energy

Rose Flower Essence

Big Island Rose

Formulated with a variety of local, organic, and wild grown roses hand selected for their high frequency energies. Rose Essence promotes emotional healing and can be helpful in increasing trust and discernment.  May also be healing for relationship wounds and working through issues relating to childhood. 

Bloodstone Essence


Protection During Menses
Leadership ~ Passion ~ Courage
Strengthens Energy Field of Blood

Bow Wow Essence

Bow Wow™

Balancing & Soothing Blend for Dogs

Celestite Essence


Attunes to the Angelic
Promotes Self-Expression
Invokes Serenity & Healing

Citrine Essence


Success ~ Confidence
Liquid Sunshine ~ Detox
Uplift ~ Empower ~ Purify

Clear My Space Flower Essence

Clear My Space™

Our smoke free incense and sage alternative!   Use to clear & transform energy and strengthen boundaries in your aura/ energy field, home, office, vehicle, (and/or anywhere that could use a little extra clearing) while drawing in frequencies of peace & light.    Perfect for healers and energetically sensitive individuals.

Cymbidium Orchid Essence

Cymbidium Orchid

Enhances Leadership Ability
Aligns you with Divine Guidance
Promotes Love and Compassion

Dahlia Flower Essence


Healing Past Love
Developing Empathy
Harmonizing Relationships

Emerald Essence


Attracting Prosperity
Expanding Love Frequencies
Healing Mother Related Issues

Goddess of Power Florence Essence

Goddess Power™

Our women’s balance blend for all things female, as well as empowerment.  Work with this Essence to invoke the Goddess within each chakra, awaken the Divine Feminine, and encourage empowerment and abundance. Work with to also inspire strength, courage, and healing.  Spray over 3rd eye, temples. neck, chest, sacral and root areas, or where desired. 

Guardian Angel Flower Essence

Guardian Angel™

For increasing aura shielding & energetic protection.  Ideal for sensitive individuals, those in healing professions, around pets, and/ or anyone experiencing frequent energy drain. Use before going into crowded/busy places as well as to ease energies of fear and worry. 

Hawaiian Coral

Hawaiian Coral

Unlocks Ancient Memory
Strengthens Brain Chakras
Aids Learning & Mental Focus

Gardenia Flower Essence

Hawaiian Gardenia

Inspires Hope
Encourages Faith
Aligns All 7 Chakras

Hibiscus Flower Essence

Hawaiian Hibiscus

Inspiring Passion
Enhancing Beauty
Balancing Emotion

Jasmine Flower Essence

Hawaiian Jasmine

Inspires Transformation
Opens and Softens Heart
Aligns with Venus Energy

Hawaiian Lava Essence

Hawaiian Lava

For invoking the purifying energies of the Big Island’s active Volcano to release resentments, judgments, and criticisms and inspire rebirth and new growth.  Tap into the creative qualities of Lava to soften your inner walls and transform the path ahead of you.  Use over chest/ heart. lower chakras, neck, and/ or as desired.

Noni Flower Essence

Hawaiian Noni

Healing from Hardship
Plugging Energy Leaks
Purging Toxic Blockages

Hawaiian Obsidian

Hawaiian Obsidian

Regeneration & Renewal
Helps Balance Base Chakras
Enhances Subconscious Access

Hawaiian Peridot Essence

Hawaiian Peridot

Revered by locals as “Pele’s Tears”, for promoting growth, renewal, emotional healing and rejuvenation. Traditionally believed to ward off negative energy (i.e., envy), work with Peridot to counter energies of stress and burnout, and to attract energies of prosperity.  Use over sensitive areas, heart center, and throughout aura as desired.

Healer Within

Healer Within™

Promotes soothing and calming energies, beneficial for all kinds of stress and trauma.  May help ease worry and encourage deep healing. Use for all kinds of healing and to promote rest, and aid balance mind-body balance. Makes an excellent choice of Essence for holistic practitioners,.

ImmunEase Flower Essence


Immune System Intelligence* ~ Protection from Parasitic Energies

For helping to energetically boost the immune system and promote strength, vitality and energetic shielding. Great to use preventatively, especially during cold/flu/allergy seasons, and while traveling. Best used for a minimum of three weeks before travel or expected exposure to groups, or cold/flu season.

Jacaranda Flower Essence


Focusing a Scattered Mind
Surrendering to the Divine
Clearing Emotional Energy

Jade Vine Flower Essence

Jade Vine

Healing Soul Fragmentation
Surrender ~ Angelic Connection
Repairing Heart Chakra Energies

Kunzite Essence


Unifying Heart & Mind
Releasing Fear & Worry
Increasing Love & Compassion

Lady Slipper Orchid Essence

Lady Slipper Orchid

Attuning to Venus Energy
Walking Your Path with Grace
Lightening of Your Feet Chakras

Lapis Essence


Activates Third Eye
Psychic/Saturn Protection
Creates Blue-Violet Aura Shield

Lemurian Quartz Essence

Lemurian Quartz Master

Access Ancient Wisdom
Divine Love ~ Healing ~ Awareness
Seed Vibrations of Ancient Lemuria

MaHina Essence


Inspired by the Moon Goddess “Hina”, for enhancing intuition, meditation, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation. Use during times of high emotion, full moons, new moons, female cycles, and motherhood, or whenever extra nurturing is needed.  Use over sensitive areas or as desired. 

Lavender Flower Essence

Maui Lavender

Inspired by the Moon Goddess “Hina”, for enhancing intuition, meditation, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation. Use during times of high emotion, full moons, new moons, female cycles, and motherhood, or whenever extra nurturing is needed.  Use over sensitive areas or as desired.

MercurEase Essence


For all things mercurial, including enhancing mental processes, working with technology, and inspiring healthy communication.   Our bestselling Essence for Mercury in Retrograde, and working through communication, travel, technical, and other snafus as the arise.  Use to inspire learning, and work through writers and/ or creative blocks. 

Milo Flower Essence


Increases Light Quotient
Purifies Mental Subtle Body
Empowers & Inspires Success

Morning Glory Flower Essence

Morning Glory

Inspiring Motivation
Breaking “Bad” Habits
Waking Up in the Morning

Moss Agate Essence

Moss Agate

Attracts Prosperity
Inspires Healing & Growth
Grounds & Balances Emotions

Pele Essence 2


For invoking your inner passion and working with the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess. Balance your inner fire and harness the transformative energy of volcano plants & minerals to channel negative emotions, such as anger, into something higher. Use over lower chakras, neck, heart, & areas of stress.

Plumeria Flower Essence

Plumeria Master™

A sweet, fragrant Essence that helps restore the mind and soothes the soul.  May also help strenghten your rooting and bring balance to the earth star (or feet) and root chakras. Invokes a canopy of protection above you and encourages you to open your heart to love.   

Prosperity Essence


For drawing in luck, opportunity, and expansion. Aligns with Jupiter to inspire learning and overcome feelings of being stuck and/or overwhelmed. Use to promote well-being, optimism, and success. Spray 3rd eye, temples, neck area, heart center, solar plexus, crown area and aura. 

Release it

Release It™

For release of deep-seated emotional energy blocks.  Use when you’re ready to move on, let something go, “get over it”, forgive, heal, or otherwise surrender an issue or situation to a Higher Power.  Spray areas of stress & tension, or where emotional distress is experienced.

Rhynchostylis Gigantea Orchid Essence

Rhynchostylis Gigantea Orchid Essence

Group Harmony
Expanding the Heart
Angelic Heart Connection

Rose Quartz Essence

Rose Quartz

Eases “Father” Issues
Venus Energy ~ Harmony
Promotes Acceptance & Love

Ruby Essence

Ruby Master

Rekindles Lost Love
Strengthens Heart Chakra
Valor ~ Passion ~ Courage

Shower Tree Essence

Shower Tree

Manifesting Abundance
Aligning with Divine Grace
Prosperity ~ Surrender ~ Love

Tanzanite Essence


Aids Communication
Enhances Creative Expression
Promotes Relationship Harmony

Venus Essence


For involving the Goddess of Romance and Beauty, and aligning with all things Venus.   Unleash Your Inner Diva and inspire love, creativity, and harmony in all you do.  Use to lighten your energy especially during monthly cycles, and to promote confidence, when needed.  Pair with Attract™ for drawing in new relationships, and or to enhance magnetism in social settings.

White Lady Flower Essence

White Lady

Enhances Nature Connection
Channels Wisdom from Divine
Inspires Purity & Enlightenment

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