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Take Me Away Essence

Take Me Away™

For invoking serenity, peace, and rest. It also has flowers & minerals traditionally hailed for dispelling nightmares, and balancing Crown Chakra energies, including those associated with circadian rhythms. Use on forehead, neck, chest, spine, & areas of tension, and around your bed/sleep area.

Clear My Space Flower Essence

Clear My Space™

Our smoke free incense and sage alternative!   Use to clear & transform energy and strengthen boundaries in your aura/ energy field, home, office, vehicle, (and/or anywhere that could use a little extra clearing) while drawing in frequencies of peace & light.    Perfect for healers and energetically sensitive individuals.

Guardian Angel Flower Essence

Guardian Angel™

For increasing aura shielding & energetic protection.  Ideal for sensitive individuals, those in healing professions, around pets, and/ or anyone experiencing frequent energy drain. Use before going into crowded/busy places as well as to ease energies of fear and worry. 

Release it

Release It™

For release of deep-seated emotional energy blocks.  Use when you’re ready to move on, let something go, “get over it”, forgive, heal, or otherwise surrender an issue or situation to a Higher Power.  Spray areas of stress & tension, or where emotional distress is experienced.

Earth Chakra Essence

Earth Chakra™

For increasing grounding, flexibility & connecting to Mother Earth.  Clears the Earth Star chakras, located beneath your feet, and may also help with integrating planetary shifts. Use in stressful indoor work environments (i.e., around computers/ electronics), on legs, feet & spine, as well as throughout aura.

MaHina Essence


Inspired by the Moon Goddess “Hina”, for enhancing intuition, meditation, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation. Use during times of high emotion, full moons, new moons, female cycles, and motherhood, or whenever extra nurturing is needed.  Use over sensitive areas or as desired. 

Pele Essence 2


For invoking your inner passion and working with the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess. Balance your inner fire and harness the transformative energy of volcano plants & minerals to channel negative emotions, such as anger, into something higher. Use over lower chakras, neck, heart, & areas of stress.

Hawaiian Lava Essence

Hawaiian Lava

For invoking the purifying energies of the Big Island’s active Volcano to release resentments, judgments, and criticisms and inspire rebirth and new growth.  Tap into the creative qualities of Lava to soften your inner walls and transform the path ahead of you.  Use over chest/ heart. lower chakras, neck, and/ or as desired.

Hawaiian Peridot Essence

Hawaiian Peridot

Revered by locals as “Pele’s Tears”, for promoting growth, renewal, emotional healing and rejuvenation. Traditionally believed to ward off negative energy (i.e., envy), work with Peridot to counter energies of stress and burnout, and to attract energies of prosperity.  Use over sensitive areas, heart center, and throughout aura as desired.

Attract Essence


For creating, drawing in, and manifesting abundance.  Attract™ is our ultimate manifestation tool, formulated to help you align with resources you need to succeed. Use throughout aura, over abdomen/ lower chakras, 3rd eye, neck/ chest, and spine.
Goddess of Power Florence Essence

Goddess Power™

Our women’s balance blend for all things female, as well as empowerment.  Work with this Essence to invoke the Goddess within each chakra, awaken the Divine Feminine, and encourage empowerment and abundance. Work with to also inspire strength, courage, and healing.  Spray over 3rd eye, temples. neck, chest, sacral and root areas, or where desired. 

Kauai Calcite Essence

Kauai Calcite™

For drawing on the healing energies of Kauai’s ancient Calcite deposits, for promoting personal evolution, transformation, and upliftment. Helps you release old patterns and beliefs and reprogram according to your highest ideals. Use in times of transition and life shift. 

Prosperity Essence


For drawing in luck, opportunity, and expansion. Aligns with Jupiter to inspire learning and overcome feelings of being stuck and/or overwhelmed. Use to promote well-being, optimism, and success. Spray 3rd eye, temples, neck area, heart center, solar plexus, crown area and aura. 

White Light Essence

Frequencies of White Light™

For inspiring new beginnings, fresh starts, and experiencing rebirth, renewal, and total purity. Helps with opening your energy to an influx of new inspiration, stimulation, and experience. A great tool for those in healing work. Use throughout aura, over areas of stress, and/or as a room spray.  

Healer Within

Healer Within™

Promotes soothing and calming energies, beneficial for all kinds of stress and trauma.  May help ease worry and encourage deep healing. Use for all kinds of healing and to promote rest, and aid balance mind-body balance. Makes an excellent choice of Essence for holistic practitioners,.

Mars Flower Essence


For tapping into raw creative energy or initial inertia needed to get things moving in a new direction. Balances overly masculine energies, softening aggressive or conflict-prone tendencies and funneling them towards productive use. Also helps you call in the Masculine if you have too much feminine energy.

Venus Essence


For involving the Goddess of Romance and Beauty, and aligning with all things Venus.   Unleash Your Inner Diva and inspire love, creativity, and harmony in all you do.  Use to lighten your energy especially during monthly cycles, and to promote confidence, when needed.  Pair with Attract™ for drawing in new relationships, and or to enhance magnetism in social settings.

ImmunEase Flower Essence


Immune System Intelligence* ~ Protection from Parasitic Energies

For helping to energetically boost the immune system and promote strength, vitality and energetic shielding. Great to use preventatively, especially during cold/flu/allergy seasons, and while traveling. Best used for a minimum of three weeks before travel or expected exposure to groups, or cold/flu season.

MercurEase Essence


For all things mercurial, including enhancing mental processes, working with technology, and inspiring healthy communication.   Our bestselling Essence for Mercury in Retrograde, and working through communication, travel, technical, and other snafus as the arise.  Use to inspire learning, and work through writers and/ or creative blocks. 

Golden Aura Essence

Golden Aura™

Christ Consciousness ~ Pranic Light Bath ~ Energy Shield

For enhancing life force energy, aka Prana. Use to strengthen your auric field and help[ buffer negative oncoming negative energy.  Increase your flow to unconditional love and acceptance as well as strengthen your Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras, as well as unblock the flow of energy throughout your system.

Awapuhi Flower Essence

Awapuhi Master™

Hails from the robust family of Hawaiian Gingers, and stands as a powerful cleanser and root chakra strengthened .   Like its famed herbal counterpart used in shampoos, Awapuhi Essence may especially help to cleanse, fortify, and strengthen your energy as well as bring greater balance and lightness to your field.

Lantana Flower Essence

Lantana Master™

Increases mind-body harmony and can help you tap into your problem solving skills.  Use to buffer feelings of overwhelm and or to help gather a scattered mind.  May also help you to work better in groups, enhance cooperation and cultivate unity.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essence

Hawaiian Sandalwood™

In ancient times, Sandalwood was so valuable it was traded as gold and used in temples throughout the world.  Likewise its Essence is hailed for its ability to inspire Divinity. Aligns you with energies of spirituality and ascension, helps open your Third Eye and Crown Chakras, inspires worthiness and enhances meditation.  May be beneficial in transcending overwhelm and feelings of dissension.

Palm Tree Flower Essence

Palm Tree™

An uplifting blend for promoting well-being and restoring emotional balance. Palm Tree helps you to relax and let go- to elevate your perspective and see things from a higher place.  Features: Palm Tree

Plumeria Flower Essence

Plumeria Master™

A sweet, fragrant Essence that helps restore the mind and soothes the soul.  May also help strenghten your rooting and bring balance to the earth star (or feet) and root chakras. Invokes a canopy of protection above you and encourages you to open your heart to love.   

gemstone essence

Clear My Crystals™

A crystal, mineral, and jewelry cleanse unlike any other. Contains rare orchids shown to pull negative energy out of all things gemstone and/ or crystal, so that they can continue to serve you in all they do.

Transitions Essence


Beneficial in times of change, may assist you in major life shifts- whether it be career, relationship status, grief/ loss, and/ or seasonal changes.  May also be beneficial for breaking of non-beneficial habits and to stabilize the heart during times of change. Use to promote rejuvenation and embrace the process of transformation.

Removing Obstacles Essence

Removing Obstacles™

For Releasing External Obstacles and balancing the lessons that often come with the harsher side of Saturn. Helps to strenghten and clear our root chakra making it easier to meditate, and so can connect with the internal peace and quiet you need to move forward on your path.

Lighten Up Essence

Lighten Up™

Take a walk in the clouds with this essence!   Gain new perspective and soar to new heights. For clearing your emotional subtle bodies, where heavy or negative feelings can accumulate. Also great for times of stress, when heaviness can set in, causing life to feel too serious.

Hope Flower Essence


For reviving your soul and opening your spirit, soothing away doubts and renewing the belief in infinite possibility. Helps raise your vibration and re-pattern feelings of despair, doubt, and confusion.

Harmony Flower Essence


For promoting physical and emotional well-being through balancing your body’s major energy centers, especially the heart. Use when you’re feeling out of sync (or just needing a tune up), to bring the three wheels of your body – mind, body, and spirit – back into alignment and get them rolling in the right direction.

Empower Essence


A great tool for working with fear, worry, and anxiety that might otherwise cause you to shut down or become self-protective and insecure. Helps you with working through past traumas. For feeling more comfortable in your own skin, letting your inner light shine, and even though you may still experience fear, it can encourage you to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Amethyst Light Essence

Amethyst Light™

Divine Frequencies of Purple ~ Wisdom ~ Transformation ~ Divinity

Amethyst Light™ is the perfect essence when seeking Spiritual Transformation, Divine Healing, Wisdom, or the Mystic Experience. Use when doing healing, meditation, or prayer work, or when needing to forgive or move into compassion. It can also be used when calling on the presence of Archangel Zadkiel, the Angel of Mercy and Forgiveness—virtues which enable deep spiritual transformation.

Emerald Light Essence

Emerald Light™

Healing Frequencies of Green ~ Rejuvenation ~ Working with Archangel Raphael

Green is the color of nature, growth, regeneration and healing. In mysticism, green light is associated with Archangel Raphael—the Angel of Healing, and it relates to the Heart Chakra and virtues of kindness and compassion. Emerald Light™ is the perfect essence to use for healing, rejuvenation, to invoke the presence of Archangel Raphael, and to open and balance the Heart Chakra.

Garnet Glow Essence

Garnet Glow™

Catalyst for Action ~Motivation~ Passion ~ and Strength

Like the color red this essence is full of energy, enhances presence and radiance, and helps bring strength when needed.  May help you move past your fears, and help you to stay grounded while moving forward.

Indigo Light Essence

Indigo Light™

Clearing Third Eye Clutter ~ Cosmic Consciousness

Indigo relates to the Third Eye Chakra, expansion, meditation, intuition, and Cosmic Consciousness. It may assist you in breaking free from worldly distraction, clearing psychic debris, cutting through third eye clutter, and achieving states of heightened intuition, awareness, and expanded or higher states of consciousness.

Violet White Essence

Violet White™

A Spiritually Rejuvenating “Pick Me Up” ~  Realign with source energy and enhance your meditation and other spiritual practices- such as prayer, yoga, or meditation. May also  help you lift out of low energy or depleted states, as well as to create positive energy flow and higher vibrational states when used in rooms and spaces.   

Violet White Essence

Elite Shungite™

For clearing the physical subtle bodies, where trauma can accumulate and hinder your innate healing capacity. Encourages physical rejuvenation and energetic shielding, helping you retain energies needed for regeneration.

Black Tourmaline Essence

Black Tourmaline™

For activating and balancing the lower of base chakras, bringing increased grounding and strength to your constitution. It has a detoxifying effect, helping to purge low frequency energies that would otherwise accumulate and weaken your aura.

Jade Essence

Jade Master™

For attracting prosperity, luck and opportunity. Brings protection and may be useful for increasing safety and reducing fear of accidents and negativity. Enhances wisdom and awareness, as well as helps balance emotional lows. 

Rose Flower Essence

Rose Master™

Formulated with a variety of local, organic, and wild grown roses hand selected for their high frequency energies. Rose Essence promotes emotional healing and can be helpful in increasing trust and discernment.  May also be healing for relationship wounds and working through issues relating to childhood. 

Rose Master


For balancing and aligning all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies, especially the throat and third eye chakras.  Inspires heartfelt love and communication, as well as detoxifying the third eye – clearing mental clutter and psychic debris.  This essence further empowers you to express your heart and brings energies of wisdom and clarity.

Diamond Flower Essence

Diamond Master™

Draw Out Toxicity and Energetic Blockages ~ Open Third Eye and Crown Chakras

Promotes commitment, trust, prosperity and love as well as benefits drawing out toxic.  May enhance clearing energetic blockages and strengthening the physical subtlebody as well be beneficial for promoting energies of regeneration.

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