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Jayme Jensen is a Holistic Doctor specializing in psycho-spiritual healing and is also the owner/ developer of the Shanti Kai™️ Essence Line. She has a background in Biochemistry with an extensive background in holistic health and energy healing. She is also trained and certified in a variety of areas including: Natural Health Consulting, Regression Therapies (e.g., Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Holographic Memory Resolution, Rohun, etc.) Therapeutic Breathwork, Integrative Energy Healing (including a variety of modalities), Meditation, Yoga, Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda, and more. She has moreover worked for years as a spiritual intuitive, tailoring client sessions according to their individual needs. One of the most popular modalities offered – unique to Shanti Kai™ – is the Vibrational Essence Therapies Sessions, which can be performed in person and or remotely – on humans and pets, as well as for groups.

Service Categories

Shanti Kai™ Vibrational Essence Therapies™

Drawing from our exclusive Hawaiian Flower and Mineral repertoire containing over 600 Essences, sessions are tailored to balance and optimize your energy field.

Pet Consultations & Energy Work

Jayme works remotely in your pet’s aura to help balance and strengthen the energy field, identifying areas of weakness and communicating to help you understand what she sees.

Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy

Get to the source of your underlying problem or pain and let it go for good. Release trapped energy in your body-mind and repattern according to your highest potential.

Clairvoyant Consultations, Aura Reading, & Energy Work

Jayme will connect into your energy and ask for Higher Guidance, reporting back to you what she is seeing. You may ask questions and/or request insight and healing.

Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR)

A unique trauma resolution therapy utilizing both a verbal dialog and EMF component to resolve underlying pain, issues, and/or other problems.

Advanced Clinical Therapeutic Breathwork

Shanti Kai™ Breathwork uses circular connected breathing to increase your oxygen levels, strengthen circulation, promote physical detoxification and enhance clearing of cell memory.

Natural Health Consulting

Get to know your body better and understand how to help it heal. Sessions combine Intuitive Consulting, Energy Scanning and Testing, Natural Health Education, and more!

Vibrational Land Blessing

Not sure if your new space or place is okay? A remote or in person Land Blessing can be the first step to getting your space – and YOU – feeling balanced and on track.

Ask A Question Feature

Have a pressing question? Have a quick follow-up question from a previous session? Our Ask a Question feature allows you to bypass the wait and get an accelerated answer.

Scheduling Private Sessions

Private sessions at Shanti Kai™ are available both locally and via long distance on an appointment basis. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please use our Contact Us Form, email info@ShantiKai.com, or call 808.634.6284.

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**Please Note:  Sessions are held virtually or in-person, however, in-person sessions have limited availability. Mahalo for your understanding.

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