Vibrational Essence Therapies™

In an energetic essence therapy session, essences are carefully selected (out of 500 different possible essences) and applied to help with the client’s issue, problem, or condition. This can be done in person or via long distance, as the process and results are identical regardless of proximity. For best results, a 2 hour minimum is highly recommended when requesting an essence therapy session. This form of session is highly recommended for anyone who prefers to be passive during a session and just work with the various plant and crystal essences, for animals, and those that cannot sit for their own sessions. (See our Client Testimonial section to read personal experience stories about this type of session.)

To understand how vibrational remedies such as essences work, it is important to understand that everything exists in a state of vibration. Everything that you see, feel, hear or touch in its simplest form is nothing more than vibration. Many recent physicists have studied the impact of various vibrations on particles, molecules and object and have been amazed at how the simplest vibration has a profound impact on the object of study, even from a great distance away.

To elaborate on how this works, the body has an electrical system. Whenever there is stress or trauma, there is a corresponding break or rupture in your electrical system. Energetically, this appears as a crack or tear in your auric field. Nature contains the frequencies needed to heal, restore, and repair the body’s electrical system.

In Native American healing, there are two reasons for any and all problems and illness. Either something has left us (soul loss) or something new has attached or gotten in. When you have a crack, tear or break in your electrical system, it’s like a big vacuum in your energy field attracting all kinds of psychic debris and other attachments that vibrate at the frequency of the trauma that caused the rip or tear.

Think about it – if you have a tiny hole in your tire, it’s not flat yet, just low on air. You can keep filling it with air and it’ll keep losing air. It doesn’t do much good to expend so much energy on it; it’s better to find the hole and seal it so that it can contain the air it’s being given. The same is true for the human energy system. If there’s a break in your electrical circuitry, you can have treatment after treatment after treatment, eat the healthiest diet, do all kinds of yoga, meditate, and think the best thoughts…but if the weakness is the hole in your energy field, you may not fully recover until you seal it up. Since all stress has a corresponding component in the body’s electrical system, essence therapy can be advantageous in any number of situations.

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