Vibrational Land Clearing / Blessing

Symptomatic signs you need a land clearing or blessing may include experiencing:

  • Heavy emotions
  • Fatigue or abnormally low energy
  • Increased conflict, fighting or arguments
  • Mood swings (not due to other factors)
  • Feeling stressed, agitated or irritable when there
  • Problems falling asleep or sleep disturbances
  • Having the urge to leave or escape
  • Having the urge to clean or feeling that the place is dirty when its not.
  • Experiencing thoughts and emotions that are foreign/new or abnormal to you
  • Experiencing mental blocks or problems focusing
  • Children or pets behaving strangely
  • Plants dying or unhealthy even though you care for them
  • Increased issues with electronics or vehicles kept there.
  • Electrical problems – i.e. lights flickering, power outages, etc.
  • Feeling you’re being watched
  • Other unexplained phenomenon


Watch the video to learn more about what to expect during a land clearing session and check out our Land Clearing Essence Kit.

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