Shanti Kai™ Class: Manifesting with the Cosmos in 2017 and Beyond

Manifesting with the Cosmos in 2017 and Beyond

Shanti Kai™ Class: Manifesting with the Cosmos in 2017 and Beyond with the Shanti Kai™ Planetary Line

Friday July 21, 2017 6-8:30pm at Sedona Hawaii
Sign up online here or call Sedona at 808-591-8010.

Class Description

People often come to Readings at Sedona and ask me if it’s gonna be a good year for them and what to watch out for… I usually say – “that’s up to you”. No matter what’s happening in the cosmos, we have some creative power over the outcome. While it’s true that there are some universal climates that are more acclimated to success than others, how we respond and react to events around us and the energies effecting us, the thousands of thoughts that will clamor for our attention in any given moment, which influences we align with and which voice we choose to listen to, how we align with our goals and highest purpose – this will create our destiny.

In the tradition of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology – it’s said that this is a very difficult year astrologically for Mother Earth and the people of the planet, as 25 out of 27 planets are currently being negatively afflicted. As such, it can be extremely helpful to have the right tools available to navigate these times.

This class will focus on the major cosmic events – and a few of the lesser ones – for the remaining 2017 and into part of 2018 (and beyond in a few cases). We’ll learn how to align with and work with the energy contained in them to maximize the potential for each according to your needs and goals. The Shanti Kai™ Planetary Line – which has an Ayurvedic influence – will be used during class for different exercises to show ways of working with these influences, and you will learn which product or products you personally would most benefit from at this time.

Some of the things we’ll cover are working with moon cycles for emotional balance and developing intuition, retrogrades for balancing energies contained, and for removing obstacles and manifesting goals during times of challenge. We’ll also hit on using essences for enhancing relationships – business and personal – and balancing male/female energies and yin/yang, creative visualization and grounding.

Cost: $66.50

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