Healer Within™ and ImmunEase™: Companion Essences for Stress Defense

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About Healer Within™

Healer Within™ is our ultimate “stress blend” and was developed in response to a throbbing head injury but was later found to help with all kinds of stress related energies, including trauma; it’s a yin aligned, soothing essence that works to stimulate inner healing on an energetic level. This is one of our “must have” Essence best sellers – as everyone faces stress – if only the rudimentary day to day kind.

Healer Within™ for Nighttime Rest

What’s more?  Many of our clients and customers have found adding Healer Within™️ drops to their nighttime sleep helps them find rest faster.  It’s soothing yin synergy works to energetically ease agitation and promote the balance and calm so essential to a good night’s rest!  To apply:

  • Shake well and apply 5-7 drops (up to~1/2 dropper) of Healer Within™ drops under your tongue up to an hour before retiring at night, or before napping or relaxing during the day (e.g., children & pets).
  • If trouble resting  ensues, acute dosing may be desired. Simply repeat taking drops under your tongue every 15-20 minutes as needed (or desired) until stress symptoms subside.
  • Note, if you’ve had fluoride, alcohol, or sugar within 15-30 minutes of use, you will likely need to repeat the dose in 30 minutes, as the vibrational effect of the essence will wear off faster.

Parasitic Energies most often include the obvious pathogens that compromise your immune health – (e.g. mold, virus, bacteria, microbes, etc), but in fact, more broadly includes what Jayme calls “energetic parasites”; she uses this term to broadly describe the energetic or spiritual form of low frequency energies that would feed off your life force and invade your energy field. These non-invited invisible guests use your resources often depleting you of the nurturing and pranic energy reserves so essential to a “healthy you”.

Stressed, Tense or Tired? Healing Hawaiian Flower Essences To the Rescue!
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About ImmunEase™

Think of ImmunEase™ as the “Yang” to the “Yin” in Healer Within™.  Our ImmunEase™ Essence is similarly designed to defend against stress and promote vitality on an energetic level.  Differentiating it from Healer Within™ , however is its “fiery” formula comprised of flowers and mineral Essences that work in synergy to strengthen your energy’s intuitive intelligence system, raising your awareness of “parasitic energies” and strengthening your auric shield against outside “stressors”.

Work with ImmunEase Essence:

  • Several weeks before travel
  • Before gatherings and other communal occasions**
  • Before & throughout cold and flu season,
  • Before & throughout allergy season,
  • When you’re around others who are sick or immuno-compromised,
  • Any time you need a little extra strengthening.

ImmunEase™ for “Energetic Parasites”

ImmunEase™️ is not only excellent for proactive stress-defense, such as to strengthen your immunity and prevent getting sick, it’s also an excellent Essence to work with if you are being drained energetically from people or situations in your environment.

If your energy becomes drained or fatigued after being around certain people, or if you feel that others are constantly using you or taking from you…. or, in fact, if you are actually being or have recently been stolen from or robbed, hacked or otherwise invaded (as this may indicate parasitic or even vampire type energy hanging around your auric field).  It may also benefit you if you are attracted to unhealthy romantic partners who would drain or take from you.

Here are a a few questions to help illuminate the extent to which you’re being affected by us that parasitic or even vampiric Energy:

  • Has your credit card or identity been stolen recently?
  • Has your computer got a virus in recent weeks/months ?
  • Are your electronics “bugging out”?
  • Has your car, or home been broken into in recent days/ weeks/ months?
  • Have you been pickpocketed anytime in recent past?
  • Dated or been involved with someone (or multiple someone’s) that left you high and dry- sexually, financially, emotionally, or otherwise?  (Romantic
  • relationships involve your sexual Chakras and these are the most common for parasitic attachments to occur- especially if your partner has been cheating on you or otherwise betrayed you, has imbalanced sexual energy, is frequently accessing pornography, using drugs or overindulging in alcohol, and/or involved in other low level frequency activities as these can allow energy transference through sexual “cords”.)
  • Friend, bosses, coworkers or family that deplete you emotionally and/or drain you energetically? Emotionally? Financially?

If you answered yes to more than one of these- and, especially if any of these are common in your life – you NEED our ImmunEase™!


Working with Companion Essences Healer Within™ and ImmunEase™

For balancing stress response as it arises:

Apply drops or sprays, alternating between the two as needed throughout the day to boost your stress defense.

For Droppers:  Take 6-8 drops each under your tongue as needed (or desired) to mitigate symptoms of stress and/or as you feel symptoms coming on.

You can also add 6-8 Drops of each to purified, sterile water bottle and sip throughout the day

For acute stress response, alternate the two essences 6-8 drops every 15-20 minutes until symptoms have subsided or inner calm is achieved. For Sprays:  spray one after the other throughout the day over areas of tension, as needed.

If you’re working with the spray, shake well and spray over areas where you somatically imbibe your stress – including forehead, neck, temples, base of skull, along spine, shoulders, feet, and abdomen area are all excellent suggestions.

For stress maintenance and/ or pro-active stress defense:

Take Healer Within™ drops at night, 6-8 drops (or ~1/2 dropper) under your tongue before bed, as its soothing yin energies help to ease agitation and promote inner calm so needed for rest.

Repeat it regular intervals I need an anti-rest is achieved. Follow with any news upon awakening in the morning, remembering to wait 30 minutes after brushing teeth and/or drinking coffee as caffeine and fluorite can hinder their effectiveness.

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*See FDA And medical disclaimer on ShantiKai.com

** (this DOES NOT take the place of mask wearing or other safety hygienic practices recommended by government and health officials).


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