Shanti Kai™ Essentials Starter Kit

Shanti Kai Starter Kit

When people first learn about our Essences they are often excited to get started but overwhelmed with options… and not really knowing where to begin. We are often asked “what are the products you recommend I start with?” Or “What are the essential ‘must haves’ to begin working with your system?”

In answer, you can start anywhere you like. If you are experiencing a particular situation, issue or problem – you can start there, with the product(s) that best to address your issues. If, however, you’re looking more generally for ways to balance and maintain your energy field, balance stress, or for a path toward greater wellness, our our Essentials Starter Kit includes the top three must haves: Clear My Space™, Guardian Angel™, and Healer Within™. Plus we’ve expanded it to include Take Me Away™ and ImmunEase™, because without proper rest and a strong system, it’s harder to counter stress and experience optimal health and well being.

To explain, the body has an electrical system. Whenever there is stress or trauma, the electrical system experiences a corresponding rupture or tear – this creates a short circuit, if you will, in the body’s electromagnetic field (EMF). Put simply, such ruptures can cause you to “leak energy” or store unwanted energies unnecessarily, which can make it increasingly difficult for your system to “bounce back” after stress.

Because we are human and we all encounter stress, most of us understand the importance of self-care through diet and exercise, proper breathing and alignment, positive thinking, and other such practices. We hope that this is enough to counter anything that comes our way – but the truth is, many of us still suffer with problems, such as chronic pain, disease, anxiety, illness, and other issues.

At Shanti Kai™ we find that healing occurs more easily and stress management is much more, well, manageable when we address issues starting with the body’s electrical system. The analogy we like to use is that to not address the body’s electrical system first is kind of like standing under a waterfall and trying to empty the pool beneath with a teaspoon versus climbing atop and turning the waterfall off first.

How to use the Shanti Kai™ Essentials Starter Kit

Our Essentials Starter Kit is aimed at giving you the tools needed to begin caring for your body’s electrical system on an ongoing basis.

1) Clear My Space™ Room & Aura Cleanse: Clears negativity on multiple levels while drawing in vibrations of peace and light. Clear My Space™ is a great incense or sage alternative for those that are smoke sensitive or cannot have smoke in their home or work environment. It’s great to use in office spaces or work environments, at home, in vehicles, and after being in crowded spaces or places.

Suggestions*: 5-7 sprays over aura as needed or desired, or spray throughout room/area, including all corners.

2) Guardian Angel™ Protection Blend: Strengthens and enhances auric shielding and helps shield and protect you from negativity of all sorts. Guardian Angel™ is good to use before going into crowded or busy places, and may be ideal if you have a tendency to become “drained” or overwhelmed in your work place, crowded environments, relationships, etc. It may also help in reducing fear and enabling feelings of safety and protection.

Suggestions*: 5-7 sprays over body or aura as needed especially over forehead, base of skull, along major energy centers and aura. For shielding spaces, spray around perimeter of room or area.

3) Healer Within™ Stress Blend: May promote soothing and calming, help alleviate stress, and encourage healing on a deep level. Healer Within™ Essence seeks to respond to multiple levels of stress and trauma and may be the perfect essence if you are ready to stimulate or promote your own inner self healing.

Suggestions*: 3-5 sprays or drops 2x/day or as needed or desired. May be used acutely every 15 minutes at slowly increased intervals during times of heightened stress or in response to trauma. As a spray used over areas of tension or along spine and heart centers, backs of kidneys, forehead, and temples may be especially beneficial. As drops, may add 7 drops to water and sip throughout day.

4) ImmunEase™: May promote strength, vitality, and shielding and help energetically boost the immune system. ImmunEase™ Essence may be the perfect essence to use to strengthen and evolve your immune system intelligence. It’s great to use preventatively, especially during cold/flu/allergy seasons and is a popular travel companion amongst our customers.

Suggestions*: 5-7 sprays or drops 2x/day or as needed or desired. May add drops to water and sip throughout day. If using as a spray, may be especially beneficial over abdomen, backs of knees and kidneys, heart center, and any areas where stress is held or healing is needed.

5) Take Me Away™: May encourage rest and more peaceful sleep. It contains essences traditionally used to balance circadian rhythms. It also contains essences that seek to dispel nightmares, induce pleasant dreams, and energetically align you for calm and rest to help achieve good quality sleep.

Suggestions*: 3-5 sprays or drops an hour before bed. May take every 15 minutes until rest is achieved. May be beneficial spray around bed and rest area in evening to prepare space for rest.

In summary, we recommend taking Healer Within™ and ImmunEase™ throughout the day as needed, or twice a day (in the morning and at night). They may also be added to a water bottle and sipped throughout the day. Guardian Angel™ is recommended for use at onset of day and/or prior to going into traffic, work, crowded spaces or as needed to increase feelings of calm and protection. Clear My Space™ is recommended at the end of the day or after being in crowded spaces, or in traffic, work, or other stressful environments. It’s also great to use after a space or place has been used to clear out any lingering energies and restore place to higher vibration. Finally, we recommend Take Me Away™ be used in the evening or before retiring and/or several times a day when traveling or experiencing irregular sleep cycles.

Remember, our Shanti Kai™ Essences are designed for long term use, and although many feel a shift right away, most lasting benefits are seen with use over time. It is important to remember that essences work best when you actively work with them.

*Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Statements made about Shanti Kai™ Essence Products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Always consult your doctor if you have any health concerns.

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