Shanti Kai™ Hawaiian Essences: Pure, High Energy Vibrational Infusions

Shanti Kai Essences are pure, highly complex vibrational infusions of flowers, minerals, orchids and color frequencies that work on the body’s energy field. At Shanti Kai™, we believe that nature contains the vibrations you need to heal, restore, and replenish, – to bring you back into alignment with your optimum health and total well being. 

More and more, people are coming to understand the power of vibration; laws of physics teach that everything is made up of vibration, from the subtlest of forms to the most massive. The tiniest shift in vibration can make the difference between how something is shaped or expressed in the physical world. Western medicine attempts to heal at a symptomatic level – that is, by eradicating disease through treatment. Shanti Kai Vibrational Essences seek to alter the subtle vibrational fields in the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) so that they resonate according to their optimal health levels, restoring health from within.

Shanti Kai™ Essences are the result of many years of private research, extensive testing, and arduous refining of formulas to create the most extensive, effective and pure essence line available.  They are primarily developed on the Big Island of Hawaii and naturally interwoven with the Aloha Spirit -the embodiment of the sacred energy found on the islands. Jayme Jensen, the developer of Shanti Kai™ Essences, is a Holistic doctor with a background in biochemistry.  She holds a number of degrees and certifications as well as many years of experience as an intuitive in alternative healing and natural health.

Shanti Kai™ Essences are advanced energetic tools that work on your body’s “electrical system”.  When your electrical system becomes imbalanced – usually the result of stress on some level – problems on a physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual level occur.  Essences transfer the vibrational frequencies infused in our blends to your body’s electrical field, helping you to heal and repattern.  Shanti Kai Essences are safe and effective, requiring only that you be open to change.

Our Essence blends are based on years of experience, internal research, and blind testing coupled to meticulous manufacturing practices and extensive knowledge of blending.   We combine Flower Essences – including native Hawaiian, tree flowers, water plants and orchids- and couple them to vibrational infusions from gemstones, minerals, precious metals, color frequencies, and- in our sprays- Essential Oils.  Over time and with arduous care, we study their complex synergies and blending compatibilities, optimizing them to bring you the most robust and powerful Essence blends on the market today*. 

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