Shanti Kai™ Mineral Essences

Shanti Kai Mineral Essences

The Shanti Kai™ Flower and Gemstone Essences are created in the sacred island chains of Hawaii.  With over 15 years of research, countless hours of studies, and over 600 Essences, our Vibrational Essence products are of the finest, most naturally enriched products nature has to offer.  

Handcrafted and selected for their therapeutic quality and healing properties, our Gemstone Essences are hand picked and purified, created and synergized, primarily in the pristine environment of the Big Island’s Volcano region, but also occasionally on other islands. Naturally imbibing the thermal and creative properties of the earth itself, the mystical energies of the Island’s rich heritage infuses them, ensuring their ancient heritage lives on.

What makes our Gemstone Essences so special is that in many cases, the gemstones used to make them were hand mined by Dr. Jayme Jensen and others at Shanti Kai.  They are particularly powerful and pure as they have never changed hands, been color or heat treated, or exposed to x rays (or other harmful rays), scanning devices, and/or electronic equipment.  Bear in mind that gemstones and Gemstone Essences can be quite different in characteristic; think water versus ice. A gemstone sitting on a shelf or worn on a necklace carries an energy field conducive to certain characteristics, but when taken orally or used in the aura, it becomes infused into the energy field of the user.   

A Shanti Kai Gemstone Essence allows you to assimilate the properties into your energy field more fully – as opposed to just connecting with the properties of the gemstone when you hold or look at it. Moreover, many of our Gemstone Essences are evolutionary or newly discovered. It is believed they are showing up on the planet at this time in history to assist humanity with the shifts needed to enter the next planetary paradigm or global era.

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