Shanti Kai™ Quartz Master Blend

Quartz Companion Essences 9

Quartz Companion Essences 9

Shanti Kai™ Quartz Master Blend is an understated powerhouse of an Essence, a blend so valuable and precious we’ve decided it should be on our “must have” or at least our “top rated” list. If you take the time to read more about it, you’ll find there’s very little this dynamic blend can’t help! Like an Ayurvedic herb with so many medicinal properties entire books are written on just one, our Quartz Master Essence is likewise suited for just about every energetic ailment you could fathom. What’s more, because it’s an amplifier, you can pair it with any of our other essence blends and boost the properties of that blend too… (check out some of our favorite pairing suggestions below)!

More about the magical Quartz Master Blend

Shanti Kai™ Quartz Master Blend is a powerful Essence containing over 25 different varieties of Quartz, many of which we also offer individually AND are ON SALE NOW (see our specials). Each Quartz variation contained in this blend carries its own unique benefits, but effects are magnificently multiplied when brought together, and blended to perfection to create a multi-tiered synergy that evolves with you over time.*

Here are a few of our recommended Quartz Master Pairings:

Quartz Master with Healer Within™: Helps with amplifying healing frequencies from nature that are found in this blend

• Quartz Master with ImmunEase™: Strengthens all chakras and meridians of the body, which has downstream effect on the spiritual bodies.

• Quartz Master with Guardian Angel™: Amplifies your energetic shield, boosting protection and feelings of safety.

• Quartz Master with Clear My Space™: Amplifies cleansing energies, helps dissipate broken down energy transmuting it to white light; lifting the vibration of your aura, room, or space.

• Quartz Master with Shungite Master: Amplifies deep subtle energy healing; boosts detoxification (especially of the physical subtle energy body).

• Quartz Master with 5th Chakra, 6th Chakra or 7th Chakra Sprays: Strengthens the energy field around ear/ nose/ throat and head region, and magnifies energy healing in these chakras.

• Quartz Master with Garnet Glow™: Amplifies raw physical energy, increasing motivation and passion for new projects; may promote energetic blood clearing and physical stamina.

• Quartz Master with 2020 Gold™: 2020 has had a few catches thus far, but this is the blend that can carry you through it. This pairing can help you charge through the challenges and find success in the second half of the year.

• Quartz Master with Kyanite Master: Amplify that spiritual detox; move unwanted energy out of your aura. This is a dynamic duo for light-body cleansing.

• Quartz Master with White Light™: Increase the positive white light in your space; where there is pure white light there can be nothing else.

• Quartz Master with Prosperity™: the ultimate pairing for amplifying expansion energies. Whereas Attract™ helps you draw things your way, Prosperity™ helps you expand out and grab them and with this duo, the effects are multiplied.

• Quartz Master with Earth Chakra™: A double burst for Mother Earth; both of these essences are wonderful for legs and feet, strengthening and cleansing related chakras and helping you ground down into the earth while simultaneously reaching for the stars.

Quartz Master and Attract™: Energize your field of attraction and “power up” your ability to create, manifest, and draw in; aligning with the “law of attraction” is easier when you have high powered tools from the nature kingdom to help you magnify you’re field of attraction!

• Quartz Master with Violet White™: This pairing can help you create the ultimate vortex for bringing in love and light and flushing lower energies out; amplifies the “vibrational lift” inherent to our Violet White™.

• Quartz Master with Garnet Master: A super duper double decker boost to your energetic vitality and core energetic strength. May help repattern beliefs carried in your blood that weaken you and no longer serve you.

Quartz Master with Echinacea or Noni sprays: Supercharge the energetic effects of our “subtle energy immune” boosters.

• Quartz Master with Bow Wow™, Purrfect Sense™, or Treetops™: Give your feathered friend the same boost you get by coupling their essence with our Quartz Master. Will be sure to boost spirits, lift emotions, and increase well being.

• Quartz Master with Harmony™: Use these two together before going into conflict, or a challenging environment, or at home or in your office space to maximize harmonic vibes. You might find you’re all singing kumbaya by the end of it all.

Individual Quartz Essence Variations

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