Shungite Plus™ Essence for Protection, Healing and Detoxification

Detox and Regeneration

Shungite Plus™ Essence may promote deep healing through a dual action of energetic clearing and protection. Comprised of key ingredients elite and black Shungite, known for their powerful regenerative and detoxifying  properties, this Essence works on clearing the Root and base level Chakras, helping to purify your energetic subtle bodies- promoting physical healing through a downstream effect. It also contains other key ingredients that synergistically aid the detoxification and healing processes, and that specifically target the physical subtle body.

Shungite Plus™ works to help strengthen and shield to be available for  aura, freeing up your energy to focus on the healing your body needs. It is moreover ideal when used throughout your aura and over areas of illness and injury for promoting energetic healing and aiding your recovering process – be it from illness, trauma, injury, surgery, stress etc.- to hasten the regeneration process. It further promotes the release of emotional tension, and other imbalance, especially as relating to the Crown Chakra region. It may be especially helpful for easing feelings of frustration and anxiety so common to the healing process, as well as any related grief and sadness- instead helping you to align with feelings of inspiration and upliftment. Spray directly over affected areas and/or over Third Eye and Crown Chakras, temples, neck, base of skull, along spine, back of root or uterus area, back of kidneys, knees, over abdomen and any other areas as desired.

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